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State rep wants Massachusetts to start making monthly Covid-19 payments to residents

State Rep. Liz Miranda (D-5th Suffolk) today filed legislation to send every residents in the state a check for at least $1,000 and to then continue to send monthly checks to residents as long as the current Covid-19 crisis continues.

The bill, co-sponsored by more than two dozen other state representatives and senators, would establish an online registry to which residents over 16 could submit their names and addresses to receive the initial $1,000 payment - with an additional $75 per dependent under 16.

People who sign up would then receive additional monthly stipends depending on their family income, with people making up to three times the federal poverty guidelines receiving $1,500 per person, with $750 per under-16 dependent, with a sliding scale down to $500 a month for people making more than five times that limit.

In a statement, Miranda said she filed her emergency bill:

To ensure that our most vulnerable constituents and small business owners will not be left behind in economic recovery efforts on Beacon Hill, our district knows something about being left behind. This legislation will protect residents in sustaining current benefits and strengthening financial security for the duration of this public health crisis. We have to help every resident of the Commonwealth now.

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That’s about $5 billion a month. Where does it come from?


State rainy day fund. This is the rainy day(s).


Only about $3B.....



Then convert all the MBTA rights of way to bike paths, because the Commonwealth will be bankrupt, and unable to rebuild the system, which is well on the way to collapse.

Lets make it two thousand a month.


Is that you. Thats literally what he did when the WH announced the $1,000. He demanded $2,000.

These plans are stupid. Increase unemployment and make it easier to access. People like myself who are fortunate enough to still get paid while working from don’t need a gov handout. If they give me X amount a month, it’s just going into my savings.

Not everyone needs help, come up with a plan to help those who need it.


I'm to-the-left of Bernie on most issues, but I agree, this should absolutely be tied to unemployment benefits and emergency medical relief, not handouts.

This. $1K, while nice, would neither save me nor break me (my 401K cries in terror in comparison), but for so, so many people out there it will be a lifeline. Find a way to save those people's livelihoods (and no, don't post 'funny' replies with 'here's my bank account')

And what about the contractors and gig workers who don’t qualify for unemployment?


Read my entire statement.

I’m all for helping people but don’t think EVERYONE needs “free money.”

Donate it to someone who does need it.

I agree. I have neither lost employment or salary due to this emergency. As much as i'd love a check, I do not need it.

Please save any cash payouts to those who have lost employment!

The rainy day fund was only $2.5b as of last year.
Rep Miranda means well, but does not seem to think through her ideas.



A good part of that rainy-day fund is going to pay unemployment benefits. Lots of claimants in the coming week alone, given Boston (and Eastern Mass)'s heavy reliance on the service industry.

you understand how bad this is about to hit a lot of people.



You don't get a check when the rest of us do because it's socialism.


Every little bit helps I suppose, especially for those who really need it.

The proposal isn't to send a check to everyone, just those willing to attest that they've been financially harmed. So it's not automatic, and if you are a halfway decent person and you don't need the money you won't claim it.


What unemployment compensation is for?

To be clear, if the thought is to bolster that fund, I support it whole heartedly. I don't see the idea that someone whose employer is somehow riding this out by paying their salaries (or letting them work from home) getting money since a huge issue is that there are places (restaurants, entertainment establishments, and the like) where we used to spend money are off limits (hence the fiscal problem.)

Of course, I'm also praying that in 2 to 4 weeks we are back to something like normal again.


People who don't qualify for unemployment:

1. People who were working two jobs and had one cut and still work 40 hours.

2. People who are self-employed/independent contractors

3. People who work under the table

4. People who were not laid off but rather had to quit because their child is now home

5. People who were not laid off but rather had to quit or go on unpaid leave because they're sick or they have a medical condition that dictates they stay home during this

6. People whose jobs fired them with cause because they were switched to work-at-home but they don't have the technology skills, flexible thinking, or quiet/aesthetically pleasing home environment in which to conduct professional videoconferences

7. I'm sure there are others


That should work well. It’s not like people are hysterically purchasing month long supplies of poop paper for no reason.

Who votes for these idiots.

If people qualify for free money, they’re going to claim it regardless of their needs.

"financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic or any associated response to the pandemic"

"Financial hardship" can boil down to "unexpected need for cash arising from an illness, casualty loss, sudden financial reversal, or other such unforeseeable occurrence"

Seems like it covers any cash shortfall that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic in any way.


While unemployment levels will be devastating when this is done some people will still have their jobs and not have missed a check.

I "think" I'll still have a job when this is over and I'm not missing any checks because we are still doing what we need to do. Knock on wood, if I don't get hit hard by the virus... I don't know why I should be handed a check from a State Government that should be putting the consumer economy back together. On the other hand if shit falls apart for me I'd appreciate some help. So in both scenarios I hope the State avoids being too generous with those who got through semi ok (which will still be a significant number if people.) The focus needs to be on those who have been devastated .