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South End restaurant that was flooded by burst water main won't be reopening

Cinquecento on Harrison Avenue announced it won't be reopening:

Cinquecento was many of our most beloved restaurants. We leave Cinquecento with the fondest of memories as we look back at the wedding celebrations, holiday parties, many a baby and wedding shower, a relaxing dinner on the patio and a refreshing drink at the Rosso Container Bar. We appreciate all of our loyal guests, hard working and dedicated staff, that made Cinquecento such a great restaurant. We are currently keeping your favorite Cinquecento Classics alive at Gaslight Brasserie so if you need a Bolognese fix, it is there for you!

On April 14, a BWSC water main under Harrison Avenue burst, filling the restaurant's basement with five feet of water and turning the street and a nearby parking lot into a temporary lake.

Via Michael Ratty.