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South Boston, Seaport restaurants being called to task on coronavirus issues

The Boston Licensing Board has scheduled an emergency meeting tomorrow to remind restaurant owners in South Boston and the Seaport that there are rules they have to follow if they want to stay open.

The board reports it, ISD and the Boston Public Health Commission have gotten "numerous complaints" about restaurants failing to follow state and city regulations on social distancing, failing to break up lines of people on the sidewalks outside and failing to limit tables to no more than six patrons.

The session starts at 4:30 p.m.

This is the second time Seaport license holders have been called in for an emergency meeting.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk.


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3 strikes they’re out.

Don’t waffle on this, Licensing Board.

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MMMM... Waffles.

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Considering how much they cater to traveling visitors, one would think the enforcement would be stricter.

This is how it all blows up. See also: corporate meetings in late February.

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I understand the need for commerce to continue. But businesses that hold alcohol licenses have responsibilities that differ from most enterprises.
Lately the bars/restaurants have become lax in allowing customers to congregate outside of their locations.
The other day I noticed people standing in the Walgreen (East Broadway) parking lot. It was mentioned to me that the people in that 'line' were waiting to get into The Broadway. They were told not to stand in line in front of the bar.
I'm like many others in that I too am fed up with the masks, distancing, closed or altered business dealings. But unless someone can come up with a better idea; this is it.
We are constantly hearing about the need to do all of the above. It seems like a certain segment of us is inclined to chronically ignore this and do whatever it is they want and to hell with the rest of us.
Given this, I can see another shutdown of these businesses. Sooner, rather than later.

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Some people love waiting in lines. It mystifies me. Just make a reservation somewhere! Pre pandemic these people were lame but harmless. Now they are spreading a virus. These same people will be doing this on Black Friday too I’d wager. They should be shunned.

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Meanwhile, our kids can't go to school. SMH.

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Lines of people waiting to be seated, no masks, smoking and dogs.. Desperate businesses do desperate things.

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