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Somerville really is for the birds

Fancy birdhouse in Somerville

JK21 spotted this fancy birdhouse above the Somerville bike lane between Willow Avenue and Davis Square today (look carefully on the lower level in the rear; looks like somebody's already moved in). No word if it comes with a deeded parking space.

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I think near Spy Pond in Arlington.

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I've noticed that one before, though I can't remember exactly when. Last year? Early this year, for sure.

It's across the street from a company with architectural models on display and I've idly wondered if they made it.

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is a public art project by Christopher Frost. I believe the Somerville birdhouse, which has also been here a while, is by the same artist.

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Fucking finally!

Seriously, we need this architect to design housing for people....we are absolutely dying of mindless trash glass square builds made for jejune transients, created entirely for the short-term profit of soul less real estate developers. let's build a boston we can still be proud of even in the future when all the artless neoliberal morons are finally dead

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It's Somerville. It will come with a 3 car driveway.

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Neighbors will try to prohibit them from getting parking permits, anyhow.

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... actually moved in to this, I wonder?

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You can see a nesting bird in the photo, not to mention: "(look carefully on the lower level in the rear; looks like somebody's already moved in.)"

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How about in the main house. ;-)

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but those birds are all introduced species aka gentrifiers.

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redfin lists it as:

  • 500 square inches
  • rite next to the t
  • $2250/mo. (plus first month, last month, security deposit, broker fee - unreimbursed equal to one months rent)
  • must pass cori check
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