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Snow message: You know what to do

Message in the snow: Vote

June Politano reports she got a little bored while waiting for the bus on the Fellsway this morning, so she left a message for other riders.

Patrick Melrose, meanwhile, contemplated the mixed message of snow-covered pumpkins in Melrose:

Snow-covered pumpkins on front steps
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It's good she thought better than to tell people to vote twice.

Not voting is a vote as well.

It's a vote saying you implicitly support anyone who wins since you can't bring yourself to decide one over the others.

It says you don't support either person on the ballot.
If two dingbats are on the ballot you are under no obligation to vote for either dingbat just so you can say you voted.


Not voting says you're okay with the status quo (or insufficiently motivated to change it).
This is not binary. You aren't obligated to choose between two dingbats.
Vote third party, vote write-in, vote & turn in a blank ballot if you must - anything that leaves a mark in the aggregate numbers that remind the dingbat parties that there is a significant number of people who are interested enough to participate, that they would do well to remember when they look at past vote counts and margins of victory/defeat when choosing nominees in the future.
Yes, as in the case of not voting at all, it's highly likely that you won't be voting for the candidate that eventually wins the current race. However - unlike the case of not voting at all, you might improve the landscape of future elections.

Robert (Don't Panic) Boyd for President 2020!
UHUB Party representing the center of the universe.
All good things come from the center.

Even P. J. O'Rourke managed to hold his nose and vote for Hillary in '16.
Certainly, there is a candidate that you abhor less than the other.

You do know there are other things on the ballot than POTUS right? VOTE FOR THOSE

I don't think she was telling people to vote twice.
I thought she was urging them to vote, quickly.