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Shawmut Avenue store clerk who was shot in the head after giving robber what he wanted has died

Boston Police report that Tanjim Siam, 24, who was shot at the M&R convenience store on July 14, died today.

A Lynn man, already locked up after his arrest for another gunpoint holdup, in Brockton, was charged earlier this month with Siam's shooting.

Police and the DA's office charge that Stephon Samuel walked into the store and demanded money from the register and then, after he got it, ordered Siam, an immigrant from Bangladesh, into the back of the store and shot him in the head.

His murder mirrors that of Surendra Dangol, a Nepali immigrant who was shot to death in 2009 while working at a Jamaica Plain convenience store even after giving the robber everything he asked for. In that case, Edward Corliss of Roslindale, on parole for the murder of a store clerk in 1971, was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Innocent, etc.


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So on both occasions mentioned, the murderer had prior convictions. How does this happen? How can someone be on “parole for murder”? Where is the justice

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That poor guy, may he rest in peace. So sorry for his loved ones.

Hopefully his killer will rot away slowly in a tiny prison cell. Even though that's still too good for a cold blooded killer.

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There is a good reason why killers of innocents deserve life without parole.

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Night shift clerk is one of the most dangerous occupations around.

Too bad their benefits don't ever match their risks.

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It's so sad.

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With deepest condolences to the Families, Friends and The Community. This young man as all other young men and women who were murdered in The City of Boston this year; didn't have to died like they did.

However, there been many people murdered in The City of Boston, no one life is greater than any of the other lives lost to violent crime.

As individuals, communities and society, we should never make other survivors of homicides feel their loves life was not worth more than another.

Equity if supporting surviving greiving families. When you do for one you do for all, with a few exceptions.

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