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Several immigrant aid groups awarded money in Boston Foundation's first round of coronavirus-related grants

The Boston Foundation today announced 15 $25,000 grants to Boston groups dealing with fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, including a number of immigrant support groups, such as:

Agencia ALPHA: to provide support to 50 undocumented families by providing $500/family, of which many will or have already lost their jobs due to COVID-19

Also awarded grants from the foundation's Covid-19 Response Fund, which plans a series of grants over coming weeks:

  • Asian Community Development Corporation: to provide financial, nutritional and medical support for elders, as well as support for community members facing racism and xenophobia; Centro Presente: to support for their COVID-19 work with the immigrant community, including undocumented immigrants, by providing information, links to resources and connections to those who can help them navigate issues including immigration assistance, food assistance, and child care assistance;
  • La Alianza Hispana, Inc.: to provide 125 low-income elderly Latino immigrants with critical health, educational, and social supports; Lawyers for Civil Rights: to support their policy and advocacy work focused on immigration, education, housing, and the Census;
  • Massachusetts Jobs with Justice: to provide financial assistance to undocumented individuals and families who have lost their homes, wages, and/or employment due to COVID-19;
  • Maverick Landing Community Services, Inc.: to provide support for COVID-19 response efforts in the East Boston community, including conducting basic needs assessments, distributing hygiene products, sanitizers and food, and producing face masks and shields for healthcare workers.

Groups that focus on feeding the hungry and helping people with immediate financial needs also were awarded grants in today's round.




15 grants were awarded to various entities, with diverse missions ranging from helping homeless youth to distributing food to the needy. But this headline / article makes it sound like it's focused on immigrant support groups.

All these groups are doing important work, not sure why they're getting slighted with a throwaway sentence at the end.

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Assuming this is a big deal, it amounts to about half the annual salary of one employee, the Director. What are TBF's priorities?

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