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Saying farewell to Jake Kennedy

Maureen Rogers remembers Jake Kennedy, best known for the annual "Christmas in the City" party for folks living in shelters.

It's hard to explain Jake Kennedy to someone who's never met him. A neighbor of his recently told Sparky that Jake is equal parts Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Peter Pan. That's a great description, but there's something missing. Oh, yes, George Carlin.


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In a city of sinners and saints we just lost a good man who deserves to be recognized as a saint.

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Was he part sadist?

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A friend sent me to Jake's physical therapy place in Downtown Crossing when my calves were pulling a couple months before my first Boston Marathon. The place was plastered with Christmas in the City memorabilia so you always knew that's where his heart was. His young therapists were great and you could see him mentoring them. He also took care of me himself and gave me exactly what I needed to get me to the starting line in April. I don't think they even asked for my insurance and I never got a bill.

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