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Roslindale Square bistro hangs up the apron for now

753 South in Roslindale Square announced yesterday:

We have decided to close (temporarily) for the safety of our staff and guests. We cannot thank you enough for your support these past few weeks. Stay safe and we will see you soon!




I've tried three times to order take out from the 753 mothership, Delfino, and couldn't get through. Hopefully that means they are doing well with take out?

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according to their FB page. They are reevaluating their take-out business.

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I read an article that UBER Eats is taking 25% of all orders through them. So if you used to make 5k a night, you now make about 600 per night now but if you use Uber Eats or the other services, even that 600 is now 450. How can you make rent with that.

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