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Republican senate candidate in Tennessee hurls ultimate epithet at opponent: Massachusetts

Can't Trust Sethi | :15

Some PAC is running ads accusing one of the guys running for the Senate on the Republican side in the Volunteer State of, gasp, ties to Massachusetts (but for some reason neglected to mention he got his medical degree at, sneer, Harvard).

He has, of course, responded by noting his opponent's connection to, gasp, Mitt Romney:



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We aren’t really one country any longer. Down the USA!


With considerable regional differences. At the end of the day, this is no different than the impending tying of Susan Collins to Kentucky and its politicians.

Follow the money on that. She "waffles", pretends that she might grow a spine, and a certain Kentucky politician directs funding her direction.

I'd say that is a direct tie.


"Any longer"? There have been strains of this for a very long time, perhaps longer than there has been a United States. Whether it's "carpetbagger" as an epithet, or [in this very comment section, talking about this article] people blaming poor Black people in states like Mississippi for how the entrenched white power structure mistreats them, the assumption is that there's something inherently different in Virginians than New Yorkers, and that whichever region you're from is better.

Well, he doesn't mention MA at all, so no contradiction.

He mentions the other guy's ties to Romney. You know - the "wrong sort" of Republican.

They don't want a Harvard Educated Politician who has a medical background in the AGE OF COVID. That's Liberal!! Being educated is being liberal....MY GOODNESS!


The shithole red states prefer ignorance over education and they have the low test scores, poverty and short life spans because of it.


More than 8,000 people dead of Covid-19, so let's not get quite so smug, shall we?


Last I checked, Tennessee ain't doing so hot and is getting worse by the day.

Sad but true. It goes all the way back to before the civil war and the southern aristocracy's contempt for education.


"natural selection."


If *this* is the new logic of the Republican Party, they can count this independent out of voting for any of their candidates again. I'm sorry, literally nothing is that simple. Please don't try to make it seem that simple, nothing is.


Independents and moderates don't make up the bulk of their fundraising base though. Without the hyper-partisan, extra-paranoid, zero-sum logic wing nuts, they'd be starving for cash!

Independents and moderates don't make up the bulk of their fundraising base though.

I'm not sure the "base" do either. The Mercers are sitting this one out, but they provided huge tranches of funds to Trump 2016. Sheldon Adelson, Murdoch, etc. - that's where their funding comes from, not Joe Magahat.

Vanity Fair:

Two sources said Rupert Murdoch has recently told people that he believes Trump is going to lose in November. “Rupert thinks Trump is going to crash and burn. It’s a clear-eyed assessment, just based on just looking at the news,” said a person who has spoken with Murdoch about the election.

You're a welfare state at our expense. Engage me in fellatio.



Engage me in fellatio.


Rewatching this in the morning, I am disappointed they didn't go with something like, "He attended Harvard, just like Obama."

That would have been the ultimate irony, given the number of notable conservatives who have also attended Harvard. Maybe their next ad can do this for me.