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Remembering one of the friendliest people on Boylston Street

Marc Aaron Ross

Memorial photo of Ross on Boylston Street. Photo by Patrick Reardon.

Many Boylston Street regulars knew Marc Aaron Ross as that guy who always seemed to have a friendly or funny word as he sat on the street. Of course, Ross didn't just appear one day; he had a family, and when he died recently, they posted a remembrance - one that was quickly added to with memorials by people who would see him in the street.




So wonderful to see the warmth people felt from and towards this lovely man.

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Ross was so nice and so friendly. This is terrible news - I feel like I JUST saw him recently and sad he is gone. The guy always put a smile on people’s faces. I will miss the times running into him over the years.

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Ross was a stand up guy. I knew him from the streets for many years. Had a great heart. Very sincere. Spent many hours hanging out telling stories and doing our thing on the streets. Loved his family and talked about them a lot. Very unique man. Very trustworthy. I will miss Ross. And will be worshiping Christ in heaven with him.

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