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Prominent Massachusetts anti-vaxxer sues prominent New York anti-vaxxer; only one can lose

Shiva Ayyadurai, who is making yet another bid for a Senate seat this year, is suing Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose nephew is running for that same Senate seat.

At issue is who is the biggest, most libeling liar.

Ayyadurai's suit, filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, focuses on a blog post Kennedy wrote last month on his anti-vaxxer group's Web site, in which Kennedy called out Ayyadurai as a lying liar who lies about everything from his involvement with Big Pharma to his claims that he invented e-mail as a 14 year old.

All lies, Ayyadurai counters: He has nothing to do with Big Pharma, he did so invent e-mail, he did not run Hillary and Bill Clinton's e-mail system and he knows more about "natural medicine" than Robert Kennedy ever could. Kennedy, he concludes, is attacking him only to help Joe Kennedy III - who still needs to defeat incumbent Ed Markey before he might, possibly face Ayyadurai, who himself would first have to fend off attorney Kevin O'Connor in the Republican primary to get on the November ballot.

Ayyadurai charges that Kennedy's blog post has had "devastating results:"

Since the statements were published on April 28, 2020, Dr. Ayyadurai has lost thousands of followers on social media, been subjected to virulent attacks by Mr. Kennedy’s supporters, and suffered loss of business, donations for his campaign, and political support.

When Kennedy refused to apologize, Ayyadurai writes in his complaint, he had no choice but to sue:

Because of Mr. Kennedy’s defamatory statements, Dr. Ayyadurai estimates that the damages exceed $95 million, which he seeks to recoup through this action. Dr. Ayyadurai plans to use all of the proceeds from this lawsuit to create ten integrative health and wellness centers in economically-depressed neighborhoods across Massachusetts to educate residents on the importance of boosting the immune system to advance health and well-being.

In addition to the money, Ayyadurai is seeking a public apology and removal of the blog post.

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There must be some scenario in which they can both lose. Please?

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They both contract a preventable but fatal illness for which there is a common vaccine.

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One is a Kennedy and the other dated Fran Drescher. That's already the equivalent of an incurable disease.

Maybe quarantine both of them out on the Vineyard?

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The lawyer's fees will add up hopefully enough to make them both lose.

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I'd sooner have my fingernails slowly pulled off with a pair of pliers.

Ugh he's just trash

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You might make him lose some of his followers on social media, who are apparently worth a lot of money.

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Judging from the Pro-Shiva signs from the last race, any loss of support might mean plywood sales would plummet.

I'd hate to see another small-town mill closure.

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Just askin'.

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I love the idea of them both catching a disease for which there is a vaccine, but these guys probably had all their shots. Vaccination has been undermined by its own success.

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I’d like to contact Shiva Ayyadura. Does anyone know if he has an email account?

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He does not have an e-mail account, but he does have an EMAIL account.

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He invented that, too.

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