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'Post-Covid' innovation center could replace failed innovation center in Brighton

Proposed new innovation center on Lincoln Street

Rendering by CBT Architects, with birds.

Berkeley Investments has filed plans with the BPDA for a "post-Covid" three-building campus on Lincoln Street at Everett Street that would include an apartment building with 314 units and two buildings with life-sciences R&D space and ground-floor retail.

The "innovation village," with two 7-story buildings and one 8-story building, would go up after crews first raze the site's current building - a failed earlier attempt to attract cutting-edge researchers to the 5.2-acre site, which has sat ;largely vacant for more than three decades. Harvard, which snapped up the parcel as part of its Allston land grab back in the day, eventually tried getting the Skating Club of Boston to build its new home there, but that plan failed as well.

The campus would be the latest development in a once sleepy corridor along the Massachusetts Turnpike that came to life with the construction of the New Balance complex and the Boston Landing train station.

Berkeley says the apartment building in particular is designed with virus protection in mind, both to allow for residents to work from home and to protect them as they venture into hallways and other shared spaces:

Indoor amenity spaces, located adjacent to and around the courtyards, will be specifically oriented towards offering options and flexibility to work from home, including features such as private office/work space, study nooks and conference rooms that can be reserved, and lounges with seating and circulation arranged for multiple users and groups. Interior materials selections will be guided by the latest cleaning and maintenance best practices. In addition, amenity spaces will consider the latest COVID-related design features including subtle social distancing cues integrated within the floor design, moveable furniture for more strategic separation in smaller groups, and robust air change and filtration for HVAC equipment. The amenity space will be considerate of new trends in flexible work schedules and accommodate a large portion of the resident population that will work from home at least a few days a week. Multiple ‘business centers’ that allow for office-caliber printing, scanning,virtual meetings as well as fast and reliable WiFi capabilities and secure networks designed with this emerging trend in mind.

The developer says it also had the R&D buildings designed with the threat of a potentially deadly virus in mind as well:

Whether through touchless entrances and common areas with flexible layouts and thoughtful circulation patterns,or outdoor terraces for employees and workers to use for outdoor meetings and breaks throughout the day, Buildings B and C will both house tenants working on innovative breakthrough technologies and science, as well as exemplify some of the latest best practices of safe and secure workplaces in its architectural design.

Under Berkeley's plans, the residential building would include some townhouses as well as roughly ten artist live/work spaces fronting on what is now a service road behind the current building, but which Berkeley is proposing to turn into an entirely new street, designed to allow for open-studio days and festivals. Also:

A new outdoor stage and covered atrium is designed into the heart of the Project Site, and will be a place to bring the innovations from inside the building to the outdoors. Musicians and performers from the surrounding neighborhood will be able to utilize the stage to share their music and talents with the community. Telford Street will be designed to be able to house a maker-space that can also spill out on the plaza both at this elevation and above at the Maker Court.

Berkeley further describes the proposed Maker Court:

The defining open space of the Project, the Maker Court,will be a new public ‘common’ that links the varying elements of the Project together while simultaneously linking the Project itself to the neighborhood. Dynamic with music, art, movable furniture, eating and drinking options, movie nights in the summer, and art projects being created real-time, the Maker Court will be a destination point for the larger community that brings visibility to the production and innovation that occurs within the Project’s buildings. Serving as the heart of the Project, the Maker Court will offer a way for residents and workers in the buildings to bring their activities outdoors and allows visitors and the community to share in the innovation and energy that is fostered throughout the Project Site.

A 946-space underground garage would serve tenants of the three buildings, Berkeley says.

176 Lincoln St. project-notification form (35.3M PDF).

Another view of the proposed campus



Is that a Red Line car (but painted purple) in the foreground of the photo?

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Guess they couldn't find a picture of the CR?

Regardless, the perspective of the rendering is horrible and/or the design is idiotic. It has the MassPike with just a dinky guardrail and a 3' section of grass. That's not how the highway is built. And irrespectively, no grass within inches of the interstate is lush and green.

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Guardrail... check
A few feet of green grass... check

I guess they show the train platform on the wrong side of the tracks, but does it really matter? I think the point was to get it in the rendering so people know it's right next to a train station.

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Worcester Line

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Isn't that Allston, not Brighton?

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the zip code line is Everett Street, so anything to the west of Everett is Brighton.

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No, it's Brighton. Everett St is the A/B boundary north of the pike.

South of the pike, the boundary extends west, so that the RR station and Stop & Shop are in Allston. Google "02134" to see the boundary.

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Thank you.
The zip code and Allston extend west of Everett north of that property as well, just not for that property.

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Everett Street is the dividing line, by zip code, IIRC.

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Do you know if the plans are to demolish the never-occupied building now on the site, or to incorporate it into the new development?

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Just looking at the renderings, that's a new building that doesn't have the same footprint as what's there now. It's set back further from Everett St., for one thing.

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And yes, they will raze the existing building. I'll try to make that clearer in the story.

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For a minute, I thought that the apartments would be in the same building as the life science research labs. Because do you want zombies? That's how you get zombies.

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950 parking spaces for 300 apartments along with some work and retail. That's just what Lincoln/Everett Streets need...more cars.

You know who else will love this? Charlesbank Road residents. Soldiers Field Road commuters.

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