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Police: Man stood in the middle of Boylston Street in the Fenway demanding cops shoot him, then slashed his own throat

Boston Police report officers were able to help save a man after he blocked traffic outside Guitar Center on Boylston Street and then, when they refused his demand they shoot him, slashed his throat with a box cutter shortly after 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Police say that when officers arrived, the man was standing in the middle of the street with a box cutter in one hand:

Officers spoke to the male and attempted to coerce him into stepping onto the sidewalk from the middle of the street. The male refused officers’ requests and held the box cutter to his throat screaming that he wanted to die. The male stated multiple times that he wanted the officers to shoot him. The male shouted for the officers to stop following him. At this time, additional officers arrived on scene in an effort to deter the male from enacting harm on himself. Officers used a multitude of de-escalation tactics in an effort to prevent the male from hurting himself or others. Suddenly, the male ran down Boylston Street with the box cutter in hand, before raising the box cutter to his neck and cutting his throat. Officers ran towards the male and immediately began rendering life saving aid, securing the box cutter in the process.

Police say Boston EMS transported the man to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries, which were not considered life threatening.

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Can you imagine seeing that?

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Unfortunately, yes, given the state of the world

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For everyone involved.

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Applied life-saving aide but was treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries?

I feel like "BPD News" writing is indistinguishable from a badly written cop-worshipping crime novel.

Can we all acknowledge that it's basically half propaganda, half PR? Not actually "news"?

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And taking away the box cutter, they in fact saved his life.

Sorry, but it is news, however inelegantly it might have been written. Something happened in the middle of a major street that blocked traffic and brought police running qualifies as news to me.

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and so he arrived at the hospital with only fading scratches remaining.

(No, I have no idea either.)

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Very sad story. I really hope and pray that he gets the help that he needs.

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This fact should not be lost in the present climate. Can they do better with treatment of minorities- clearly, yes. But most cops are honorable and encounter similarly horrible situations more often than we would like to acknowledge. I thank them for it.

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Post defunding - is this a police call or a social worker call? I’m confused.

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Social workers would be better equipped than cops at talking someone down and getting them the help they need. Even if cops were universally kind-hearted and just, this isn't really something they're properly trained for.

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Cops would be better equipped than social workers at preventing a suicidal person from causing harm to another human being and getting them the help they need. Even if social workers were universally trained for dangerous situations, this isn't really something they're properly trained for.

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Cops. In the home Cop auxiliaries. That's really a thing.

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Those dirty cops. It’s their fault the guy slit his own throat. Hashtag sarcasm.

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"the male"
Used 8 times.
Now I want to go back through their old articles and see how often they use minimally descriptive "male" and now often more descriptive "black male", "white male", etc...
If it is a change, is it procedural or is it just trying to head off some can't-win second guessing.

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One could argue knowing the gender wasn’t important.

A description of a person including their sex, race, age, height, and so on is good when they are at large. For someone like this, we don’t need to know.

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