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Police cowed in Westborough

Cows in Westboro

Photo by Westborough PD.

Police in the 495 town of Westborough report four cunning cattle from the Uhlmans ice-cream stand went on the moove this morning before finding a particularly tasty lawn on Wachusett View Drive. Police say that with the help of the town animal-control officer and Uhlmans, they were able to wrangle the bovines back to the ice-cream stand.

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Wily Buddy the Beefalo continues to evade capture (but don't worry, once he is captured, police have enough money to buy him and send him to an old cow's home in Florida, rather than to the slaughterhouse where he was originally headed).

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why did you pull us over?"

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They're so cute and bucolic. And they keep the grass down. Every McMansion should have one.

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Mow and feed all at once!

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