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People line the sidewalks of Dedham Square for a vigil for George Floyd and others who came before him

Dedham couple supports BLM

Some 200 to 300 people came to Dedham Square late this afternoon for a vigil in memory of George Floyd and other black men and women who have died in recent years.

Dad and young son

As they held their signs, motorists drove through the square, honking horns. It was a peaceful vigil, with no heavy police presence, in fact, hardly any at all - occasionally a cruiser would drive through the square.

BLM flag waver
People with signs
Two groups of people
Say their names
People with signs in front of the theater
If they can't breathe, I cant breathe
Heal the earth
Mother, father, kid
Dogs against disparities
Sitting for justice
Lined up along the wall under the parking lot


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