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Pennsylvanians are now free to move about the Commonwealth

The state Department of Public Health has added Pennsylvania, Delaware, Colorado and West Virginia to the list of states from which people - including returning Bay Staters - no longer have to quarantine for 14 days or show proof of a recent negative Covid-19 test when they arrive here, because they all now have positive Covid-19 test rates under 5% and low total daily numbers.

They join all of New England - except for Rhode Island - New York and New Jersey.

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Those 4 states got off the quarantine list because of low rates of test positivity AND relatively low numbers of new cases related to the overall population.

The source information can be found here.

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That criterion is "average daily cases per 100K below 6."

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Rhode Island is part of New England, but New York and New Jersey are not.

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" - except for Rhode Island - " The dashes make it a separate thing.

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The headline is a bit difficult to parse, as Pennsylvania is also a commonwealth. On first reading, I thought perhaps some sort of intra-state lockdown had been lifted (though, of course, why that be reported on UHub is a fair question).

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But have no idea what you call somebody from Delaware and was just too plum tired to look it up.

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Hell, that's an easy one to parse.

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Surely everyone remembers the short-lived Broadway musical that tried to bank off the success of Jersey Boys, Delaware Fellas.


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I have Labor Day week off and I've never been to Philly, despite being a 37-year resident of the Northeast. Road trip!

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Reading Terminal Market for food - if they're operating normally yet. Browsing it in a crowd and finding the food you like is part of the experience, though... If you know what you want and a stand is open for pickup, this might be a time for UberEats or the like.

Tourist spots, subject to COVID restrictions... Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, US Constitution Museum - all within a stretch of a few blocks of each other. If you're into Naval history, Iowa-class battleship USS New Jersey is across the river in Camden.

...or, as a friend discovered with her ten-year-old son and his wish list - run up the courthouse steps like Rocky!

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Art museum, not courthouse.

It's a world class museum. Too bad all the dumb tourists never think to go inside.

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