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Patricia Melnitsky of Dedham had one last thing to accomplish before she died

Patricia Melnitsky, 67, died Nov. 5.

She had many passions and interests, including keeping tabs on the criminality of the current President and his administration; mercifully, she lived to see him voted out of office.

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And he would have gotten away too with it if it wasn't for the meddling voters!

At least we know for sure now that checks and balances isn't a real thing outside of 6th grade civics class.

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Giuliani and his numerically impaired minions will start braying about how this is proof that dead people voted!!!

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Also see the obituary for Holly Cara Price, 65, of New York:

Holly Cara, 65, cancer warrior nonpareil, died peacefully at home in her sleep on November 7th, 2020, once she learned that Biden had won the election.

And the obituary for Ronald Thau, a New York criminal lawyer who died Nov. 10 at 86 ends:

Gratefully, he lived to see Trump defeated. A memorial is planned for the spring.

Then there's David Alan Groeschel, 67, of San Francisco, who died Nov. 4:

He was very involved in various communities and proudly filled out his last ballot so that he could contribute to the end of the Trump administration.

Kerry Lieber, 59, of Wisconsin Rapids, WI, who died Nov. 10, is remembered, in part:

He lived to watch the Green Bay Packers and to watch Donald Trump lose the election.

Joyce Schiff, 86, of Dallas, died Nov. 8:

[S]he wants everyone to know she lived just long enough to see the historic election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Raymond L. Sullivan, 87, died Nov. 6:

He happily lived long enough to know that Joe Biden was voted President-elect.

Pearl Segal Litwak of Allentown, PA, died Nov. 13.

Well read, she enjoyed bridge, dining out, and opera, and was steeped in current events right until to the end, when she was bound and determined to live to see President-elect Biden win the election.

William Maher, 86, of Watson, MI, died Nov. 6:

The family would like to note, on dad's first day in heaven, ND beat Clemson and Biden became president.

Timothy McMorrow, 71, of Grand Rapids, was another dual Notre Dame/Biden fan, who died Nov. 9:

Notre Dame was in his spirit, his bones, and his blood. Cheer for Notre Dame in his memory. Fortunately, Tim knew that the fighting Irish beat Clemson and that Biden won the presidential election. The man had his priorities straight!

Susan Lee Richardson died Oct. 30, so obviously did not get to watch the election results, but:

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that memorial contributions may be made to the West Michigan Cancer Center or Kalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association or that you do not vote for Donald Trump.

Mary Bahosh, 69, of Marlborough, though, went to the grave as "a loud and proud Trump supporter."

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At least they knew he lost. Don't take this wrong but I hope they were too out of it to realize what he's been doing since he lost.

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The best revenge is living well, not dying, looks like the Trumpet got the better end of this deal.

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...that you can live forever.

I'm guessing you've never been with someone through the end of their life.

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Herman Cain.

Oh wait...

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