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Partners CEO says no hazard pay for its care providers

Dr. Anne Klibanski, the president and chief executive officer of Partners HealthCare sent an email to Partners employees.

On Friday morning, doctors, nurses, and other employees of Partners HealthCare, the largest health care system in Massachusetts, received an email from the company informing them they would not be receiving hazard or crisis pay for dealing with coronavirus cases.
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Noting that some Partners workers have requested hazard pay, she wrote, “We understand why you may be worried about exposure and are vigilant in our efforts to help you and your colleagues stay safe and healthy. We have also heard you are worried about your family, friends, colleagues and patients.” But, she declared, “we do not calibrate pay and benefits based upon the patients’ condition and for this reason we do not offer hazard or crisis pay.”



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So they gotta protect the investors and CEO'S profits before protecting/aiding their workers during a once a century global pandemic.

Things are going to get very, very ugly. Very, very soon.

Just be thankful we're FAR north of the Mason Dixon because way down in 'ol Dixie they're a fixin' for a heapin' helpin' of death.

There will be violence.

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Partners may, in fact, be run like a business, but it's a non-profit, so no investors.

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Partner's CEO makes 6 MILLION a year.

Just under 2 million in BASE salary and the rest are bonuses and incentives to SAVE MONEY.


A once in a century pandemic and she won't even look after her employees.

This. Is. Subhuman.

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I work for Partners and got this email. Six paragraphs to say screw you, is how I describe it. It must be terrible for worker morale to know many of their colleagues are safer at home while the rest of them have to perform under increasingly risky, stressful, and chaotic conditions. The email went on to say that Partners is covering hotel rooms for employees who can't travel home....wow! So they are sparing a couple hundred as needed for overworked and isolated employees - but won't pony up even a nominal amount for the sake of morale.

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