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Pandemic claims another bar

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Wonder Bar in Allston, which used to host live music, open-mic nights and comedy back in the Before Times, has closed for good.


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The pandemic swallowed it up and spit it out, just like a good bivalve.

That, or I just didn't hit the "I" key hard enough. Fixed.

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"which used to host live music"

I'd only been there once or twice and as I recall there was a DJ or two. Before that it was Local 186 and it was a regular destination of mine as it booked actual bands that played music, both local and from afar. I paid $7 to see Oasis there in '94 and yes it was on a whole different level. Don't @ me about Bunratty's because it was before my time.

Not that Wonder Bars closing should be more than another statistic as all the recent closings have been, but if there's one thing I'd love to see if when whenever the pandemic has past would be a resurgence of actual culture in this poor city that can travel beyond the Instagram/cocktail/Louboutin excuse for human interaction that we've been headed in for so long now.

Maybe I'm dreaming but it could be possible to once again walk up the day of the show in Boston and see a professional musician work their craft without having to download an app and be pre-approved for the VIP section. And hopefully there'll be another venue at 186 Harvard Avenue as well.

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Tons of young people with available cash and a location that's far enough from the nearest housing that would be bothered by live music. I hope the "aftertimes" see a resurgence of live music in Allston (and everywhere else.)

[Wow! Oasis, there? Cool!]

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over the past 4-5 years with various artists. a friend of mine had a weekly residency for some time. live music would usually end at 11, and that’s when most people would start to filter in.

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not much one for FOMO, but i really wish i could go back and time and see The Meatmen there and the ensuing riot that broke out. From friends who were there, it sounds like it devolved into an old west saloon brawl with chairs and stools being used in the melee. definitely one of the wilder stories from the annals of boston punk history.

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Great venue, had attended many great shows and events between there and Brighton Music Hall (fka Harpers Ferry).

DJ nights were always packed and fun

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I went in there for a drink with a friend before a show at Brighton Music Hall a few years ago. It was about 6pm, the place was empty except for a couple bouncer types and a bar tender. Let me repeat, there were no other customers and my friend and I sat for a moment, looked at each other and the staff who didn't care, then left. But it wasn't for the lack of attention. The THROBBING DANCE MUSIC WAS AT VOLUME EARS BLEEDING!!

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So what’s a liquor license going for these days?

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