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Oopsies: Driver plows into Morrissey Boulevard drawbridge while it's up

There's probably a good reason a driver heading south on Morrissey Boulevard this afternoon missed the warning siren, the flashing lights and the gate and plowed right off the road and into the bridge. Or as MassDOT put it so delicately:

In Boston vehicle on Morrissey Blvd Bridge and stuck. Tow needed. Bridge temporarily closed.

Naturally, traffic was jammed for like an hour all the way back to the rotary by JFK/UMass.

Paul Nutting Jr. reports:

Lyft sticker in window. Broke through the gate which was in the down position. It’s being repaired now.

Steve Collins, who was six cars away from the bridge at the time, reports:

Behind me, chaos. People turning onto the sidewalk because of the guardrail, but Columbia circle was completely jammed. Finally, the guy in front of me told me to backup, and follow him. We jumped onto the sidewalk. I thought we going to head to Columbia circle, but he took a left, and our caravan of cars took the sidewalk around the beaches and headed to Savin Hill.

Thanks, stranger, for getting me out of that crap after sitting there for a half hour. Apologies to the pedestrians and people sitting on the benches. Probably wasn't necessary to raise your feet and put them on the bench, however.

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There must have been something really interesting on their phone at the time.


More pics please


Not of the driver going into the bridge, but of the car about to get towed:



Even odds that they were plowed while on the road, too.


He only goes after foreign heads of state.


"Could've been me"


That would have been a real Lyft.


Was it wearing reflective clothing? Did it have headphones in?


you gotta understand...

A Masshole gots to do, what a Masshole gots to do.

Ah, Massholery at its finest.

A little off-topic, but the the cost of maintaining and staffing that lift bridge to accommodate a couple of dozen leisure boaters has be staggering. Does anyone knows how that works?


Pretty positive it is because the yacht club was blocked in when the boulevard was built, they had to provide a way for the boats to get out.


When the bridge was built, there were still some wharves along Freeport Street which were blotted out by the Xway, but you can still see one of them at low tide south of the DYC. Also, at the time, the T power station at what is now Yale Electric still got coal by collier.

It was forever ago (80s? early 90's?) but someone tried to sue someone in Gloucester because he was held up in his car by a boat going through the canal on Water Street near the Fisherman's Statue.

The plaintiff was told to beat it because there was some US Supreme Court case in the 1800's that said the boats had precedent to travel over the land transport.

You have staffed draw bridges at Charles River Dam, General Edwards in Lynn, Chelsea Street, Border Street, Granite Avenue, Gloucester, amongst others, plus the dam between Assembly Square and Wynn.

It would be a great job if you were an introverted book lover.


Alford Street (Route 99) over the Mystic River in not-quite-Everett

Meridian Street between Chelsea and East Boston -- the scariest bridge to ride a bicycle across anywhere in this region

Where is Border Street?


I knew the guy who manned Granite Ave. for many years. I know he was an avid cigarette smoker, not sure about reading.


Couldn’t they have just lowered the bridge and let the car drive off?


It's the United States Coast Guard you want to file your complaints with.