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No spring break for BC students

The Heights reports Boston College has canceled spring break so it can start the spring semester later. Students will get a spring-break day, however.




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Straight from February to May.
With a long weekend in there somewhere.

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Honestly if students were going to be coming back one of the stipulations should have been all or nothing.

You start after labor day, no time off for Thanksgiving, everyone gets let's go early in December so they can quarantine for Xmas. Then spring semester starts a week late with no Spring break. This goes until summer.

I don't think they should be meeting in person but if they are then we should be locking these kids in pods and not letting them swing from small towns to big cities over and over spreadinh the virus.

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Colleges should have just rented cruise ships, tested the students prior to admission then just parked out in Cape Cod bay for 10 weeks.

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Some colleges have "semesters at sea" that do exactly that.

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Cruise Ships are pretty much Club Med at Sea. Seems like a good college atmosphere. Classes by day, and dance club at night. No need to prevent them from mingling. Just make sure there's alot of contraception machines on board.

♪ If my parents could see me now ♪
♪ On a college ship cruise ♪
♪ I'm eating fancy food, studying what I chose ♪
♪ I want my parents back home to get a good look ♪
♪ At the 35,000 dollar college cruise that I took ♪
♪ All I can say is wow ♪
♪ What a fun semester, wholly cow ♪
♪ If my parents could seeeee me noooooow ♪

I'll be here all night in the Portside Lounge on Starboard4, try the 1 dollar clams on the half shell

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Isn't that in theory how a bubble works? I see some industries doing this and they seem to be rather successful in keeping people healthy.

Seems to me like the kids want to be near each other, that they are less vulnerable than the rest of us... but the problem is that means they bounce around infecting people like little super rubber balls filled with virus. Why not let people opt in to a world where they can be kind of normal but with testing and other procedures in place instead of trying to pretend they are not sneaking off at night for dorm room raves?

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The crew and passengers spent the winter of 1620-21 on board ship in Cape Cod Bay. That went well. Fewer than half of them died.

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I think what we’re seeing both across the country and the state is that the fear that schools were going to be seen as super-spreading places has been somewhat unfounded.” -- MA Commissioner of Education Jeffrey Riley, October 20, 2020

Since there's almost no risk of Covid death to people under 50, I have to wonder if this script is written by the BC Theater Department? Let's get the students (and crucifixes) back into the BC classrooms.

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Fish, give it a rest.

First of all, Commissioner Riley and DESE have oversight of public pre-K through grade 12 education in MA. He has nothing to do with higher ed institutions. Since we are talking about a university here, his comments are not all too pertinent. Not to mention that BC is a private institution, so unless you are a member of a fairly small part of the population, you don't have any valued input into how they choose to operate (neither do I!)

And not seeing spread in elementary and secondary schools does not mean the risk is not present. It could mean that the significant measures to prevent the spread of the virus are working to stop it from spreading.

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Brian, you're adorable and smart. but stop hitting that adorable face against the wall. Its not worth it. He won't change his tune.

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I don't really intend to make him change. But if he's going to keep dropping the same misdirection and misinformation, someone's liable to be duped by it if we let it stand unchecked.

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Let's get the students (and crucifixes) back into the BC classrooms.

Can you point me to which part of Catholic teachings says its ok to intentionally endanger and potentially kill people, as long as they're old? I must have missed that bit in Sunday School.

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I think that similar thinking goes for not sacrificing the elderly to a plague because you find that convenient if you are going to oppose assisted suicide for the terminally ill for "pro-life" reasons or support the death penalty for any reason.

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It's all about the money for BC. Lives and illness are just the collateral damage.

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Where did you study public health, again?

Also, shouldn't you be concerned that the COVID death toll for police (~250) is now over 5x the death toll for shootings (~40) and also over 5x the death toll for motor vehicle related deaths (~40)?

That's a lot of blue lives lost, and controlling community spread by controlling the spread in schools (traditionally the #1 magnifier of airborne respiratory epidemics) substantially reduces the risk for officers.

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tend to find those at schools too - they also tend to be older than 12 and at a higher risk. So are the bus drivers, cafeteria workers, principals, admin office workers, janitors, etc. Just because the kids have a higher chance of surviving covid (at least the current strain - the more we let it spread, the more it has a chance of mutating), doesn't mean we as a society won't suffer at spreads through schools.

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Where did you study public health, again?

I think it was around the same time he was employed as a cop.

The result is left as an exercise for the student.

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