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No more paper penis hats at Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Dick's Last Resort at Faneuil Hall Marketplace has shut for good.



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Finally some good news to come out of COVID-19.


And not a tear was shed.


I'm missing our punny restaurants.

I missed out on paper penis hats!


anybody gotta pic?

3D printable penis hats

for purely educational purposes

of course

OK, maybe more like condom hats, but still.

Went to many a bachelorette party there, including my own. The “joke” got old pretty fast.

Another one bites the dust...

The Don Rickles, roasting style comedy has been dying a slow death since the 90s.

Giving a good natured ribbing to a complete stranger is a tough act to do.

The Soak the Bloke game at my local fair was gone last time I went. I always enjoyed playing it straight with the guy, which usually led to the stock insult “poindexter.”

Those type of restaurants belong on a boardwalk in Ocean City, MD...not in one of the most historic areas of the country.

I've never been there but hate to see a business close.

If this restaurant is replaced with a locally owned & local concept restaurant I'd consider that a net win for Boston.