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No Christmas tree at Faneuil Hall Marketplace this year

But the merchants of Faneuil Hall Marketplace urge you to shop there anyway - they could really use the business.

Nova Scotia's annual Christmas tree gift to Boston, however, is on its way.




Don’t go see your family but definitely go buy stuff in tiny stores with people you don’t know around you

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The issue with thanksgiving is *eating* and being near people for long periods

so unless you're at Godiva and they are having a sampler day, you're OK.

Its been found that the source for much spread is eating at places indoors or spending too long near someone unmasked.

If you're in a store, you're going to be

a) wearing a mask & not removing it
b) probably not in there for more than 15 or so minutes (less is better!) which is in line with recommendations health recommendations
c) interactions with others at close range minimal

Its why I don't feel all weird going into the Chelsea Market Basket or the little bodega in town when we have high infection rates. Its the short time period and you're OK. Then just washup when you walk into your door.

I dont know about yours but thanksgiving at my fam's is an all day, all indoors event. Its too cold to eat anywhere else, and in fact, at my dad's.. we use the garage as a staging area for stuff that needs to be chilled its usually that cold.

Its all about the spray folks.. which is why its insane we still have indoor dining and it is not mandatory every T bus has its windows open.

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if its anything like that they shouldn't even bother.

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The Halifax tree is a whole nother thing. You should learn about it.

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...is the one that is put up on the Boston Common, not at Faneuil Hall. The tradition of the Halifax tree has a beautiful history.


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I used to work half a block from that tree. From the original post:

"Nova Scotia's annual Christmas tree gift to Boston, however, is on its way."

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As commercial as the whole enterprise was, I always enjoyed looking at the Faneuil Hall tree on my way to the Aquarium T Station after work. It was also one of the only public Christmas trees around here that actually had ornaments on it as opposed to just lights. I have no idea what they were made of to withstand the elements.

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the Boston tree used to be something to look at back when it was at the Pro many moons ago.

Now we have the Faneil Hall tree - decorated to the 9's with a variety of lights and ornaments, right in the middle of the action.

and the city Christmas tree - lost on the common amongst the other trees, and lights throw on it that took like the city workers were rushing to go on break.


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Yeah. Prudential Center used to be the go to place for some holiday cheer. Downtown Crossing as well. RIP Jordan Marsh and Filene's.

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Why no tree?

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Guess there’s no money left since they paid the tax bills ..with a rent of $10 a year you’d think they could afford a tree for general enjoyment and to boost the spirits of everyone with this lovely 2020. Too bad they decided to Grinch it up instead

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I really would like one of those Irish Cardigan sweaters with the intricate knitting patterns this year.

The Nova Scotia tree looks great in the article @adamg. Gives me some hope something will go right this year.

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Speaking of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace - has Tuba Christmas been called off yet?

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No tree, no shoppers.

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