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New England dairy farmers, companies team up to give out free milk in Dorchester

NBC Boston reports on the giveaway - maximum of two gallons at Boston College High School on Morrissey Boulevard 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Thursday at Boston College High School on Morrissey Boulevard. You'll have to wear a face covering.

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This is not an easily reached site for the vast majority of low-income folks in Dorchester, let alone the rest of the city. It's going to cost you the price of the 2 gallons just to get there and back.

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Your math is incorrect. The cost of gas to drive from anywhere in Dorchester to BC High is less than the normal cost of 2 gallons of milk. Not even close.

But for someone who doesn't have a car, it's a non starter. Yes the T is close but who wants to take the T these days if they don't have to? And walking from BC High to the T to one's home may result in some less than desirable milk.

The pain in the ass and time invested to drive could be problematic, although less problematic these days due to a big reduction in traffic.

So if anyone involved in this milk distribution is reading this, my suggestion for now or the future is to find some other distribution points in the city. School parking lots should be available.

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It's a half mile from the Red Line. People who are essential workers and use the T will still have a monthly pass. And if you have a car or access to someone who has one, it's a short drive.

Can every last person who needs milk get there easily? No. But there are plenty of people who can. And that leaves more milk for people who can buy it closer to them.

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It ends at 4pm, so only if you're on the 7-3 shift, and you're going to interrupt your commute, walk a mile round trip in the rain, and be home late for dinner for 2 gallons of milk? C'mon.

And you can't do a car pickup for multiple households because of the 2 gallon limit.

I hope lots of people in Harbor Point and Mary Ellen McCormack get some free milk. I can't see anyone else making a trip for this.

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You can choose the time and location.

This is why people dump things and don't bother.

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You want to walk 1/2 mile with 2 gallons of milk?

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I used to go to school there. From JFK/UMass it's less than a 10 minute walk. Much less.

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Who knows how fast you walk, but it's half a mile to the close corner of the building, 0.6 if you go to the middle. https://goo.gl/maps/7GfmHwLxC6ksAPE57

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If I were to pick the site, I'd pick the Franklin Park Zoo parking lot off Blue Hill Avenue, where Columbia Road ends. Walking distance to a large densely populated area, and also has lots of bus service.

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According to the NBC Boston story, dairy farmers have had to dump milk they can't sell.

But a new initiative called Farmers Feeding Families will soon get that surplus milk into the hands of local families that need it most...

The sponsors, Dairy Farmers of America, Vanguard Renewables and Massachusetts-based H.P. Hood, will also distribute milk to the Greater Boston Food Bank and other organizations that serve those in need.

Thank you to the farmers who are participating in this.

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I'm glad they're doing this but our government should have seen this coming and stepped in to do this across the country to stabilize food production and fill food pantries simultaneously by acting as the buyer and donator to coordinate the deliveries.

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Jared would have taken it, resold it to his cronies who would sell it to the American people (who just bought it) at an 800% markup.

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