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Mount Auburn Cemetery reopens to the public

Mount Auburn Cemetery announced that it has reopened to the public from noon to 7 pm daily. Public restrooms will be open, but all other buildings including the chapels and Washington Tower remain closed.

The cemetery had temporarily closed on March 30, except for families visiting their loved ones' graves.

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That had absolutely nothing to do with Mount Auburn Cemetery.

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It was a dog owner demanding their 'soulmate' be given free reign to shit on people's graves like at Forrest Hills?

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though, unlike at Forest Hills, this has long been the rule at Mount Auburn.

They make an exception for stone dogs.

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Forest Hills Cemetery's website says it's now open to the public from 10 to 4. But signs at the entrance still say it's only open for grave owners to visit family members. However, nobody was asking people the purpose of their visit.

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When I had last looked at this page, the hours were noon to 4 pm.

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It is clear from recent events both peaceful and otherwise, that nobody is in the least bit concerned about social distancing anymore. At all. Social distancing appears to be over.

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