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Maybe a bit late now to race out for some bread, eggs and milk

Snow map for Massachusetts

Latest snow-total prediction map from the National Weather Service.

As you can see, the National Weather Service is now predicting 1 to 2 inches of snow in the Greater French Toast area, with up to 3 inches possible in the more remote sections, such as West Roxbury and Hyde Park. There's a winter-weather advisory out for the areas west and north of 128

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Is the actual alert system still hibernating for the summer? When does it wake up?

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When I went directly to https://www.universalhub.com/french-toast, it said we were still at one slice. Doesn't an inch or two, especially the first snow of the season where everyone's forgotten how to drive in it, call for two slices?

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And were expecting a bit more snoozing. But they're up now, and have moved the alert to 2 Slices.

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Given how 2020 has been going, it was comforting to wake up and see a banner alert on a news site for something as simple as a couple inches of snow.

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Two may be optimistic.

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in the frozen wastes of West Roxbury and Hyde Park, and may they be safe from wolves.

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which I've been doing since the covid-19 pandemic started, and have been doing ever since.

It's a lot easier than waiting in line to get into the grocery store(s), and dealing with irresponsible, insolent, arrogant, selfish, spoiled and entitled people doing whatever the hell they please by violating the Social Distancing and mask wearing rules.

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