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Massachusetts hits deadly milestone: Record number of coronavirus deaths in one day

Daily Covid-19 deaths for Massachusetts and Boston

Daily Covid-19 deaths this month (Statewide in blue, Boston in red).

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health today reported 252 Covid-19 deaths over a 24-hour period, the highest one-day number yet recorded in the state.

The disease is particularly deadly among elderly residents with underlying health conditions - the state reports the average age of a person dying of Covid-19 in Massachusetts is 82 and 52% of all the state's deaths have been among residents of long-term care facilities.

Aside from today's spike in death numbers, today's Covid-19numbers show a continuing plateau, rather than a decrease, in two metrics that Gov. Baker has said repeatedly he will use for allowing even a phased re-opening of closed businesses and facilities in Massachusetts after May 18: The number of hospital beds in general that are occupied by Covid19 patients and ICU beds in particular that they need.

The number of ICU beds occupied by Covid numbers reported today was 1,001, down slightly from 1,034 on April 23. The overall number of Covid-19 patients in Massachusetts hospitals on April 28 was 3,856, up from 3,485 on April 13 (before that date, the state used a different metric to determine which patients were Covid-19 patients).

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You deleted a comment of mine in the last 'look at this graph' thread. OK, it's your website. Here's the problem...you misconstrued the reason, in my opinion.

Here's what I posted...a graphic from the same source as 'refugee'.

A link to a WBUR story.

A link to a Globe story.

A link to a WBUR story.

You claim I blamed the Chinese for the C-19.

No. I was very clear. I was blaming local virtue signaling politicians.
The Chinese? My heart is breaking for Hong Kong. They are being decimated by 'Hong Kong' police that are actually mainland Xi Jenping goons.



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It's a delicate area mostly because we're surrounded by ignorance. Ignorant people confuse the Chinese and China. We should not blame the Chinese people for this virus, but we should absolutely be critical of China, the totalitarian regime with a track record of censorship and misinformation for spreading this virus. This is the country that blocks references to both Tiananmen Square and Winnie the poo. They clearly knew about this and have spent more effort covering it up than acting on it. Just as they have with nearly every other virus that's origated there.

The problem with being openly critical of China however is that TAHMY from QUINCEE takes that as an invitation to harass Asian people.

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OK, it's your website.

It is his website. It's not your platform.

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"Scientific Racism" is racism, not science.

How to Lie with Statistics wasn't a primer for making a case for your fears and biases - even if it makes you feel all rational.

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While our seniors are sentenced to capital punishment in nursing homes our political leaders are more concerned with reducing the sentences of white collar criminals, drug dealers and gang leaders.

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so I guess stay at home isn’t working. Time to open stores back up

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Stay at home IS working because the death toll would have been way higher ...

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Did you see the video of Gov Cuomo's mini-rant as some reporter was trying to prop up protesters' "cure is worse than the disease" angle?
No. Worse than dead? No. etc...
What made it even better than reading it was one version of the video of it. Besides the beautiful video & audio of someone whose "suffering fools gladly" tank is nearly empty, an editor put in closed captioning that - by changing font/size - perfectly captured the inflection of every thing the Gov said.

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And you conveniently omitted the part, where, when pressed further on what those who are not getting enough in the way of benefits should do, he said that they should just go get essential worker jobs.

Like *poof*...*magic*...job just appears.

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The data show that this disease is horrific for the very old - but really not that bad for most people. Only 4 deaths for people under 50, and only 17 deaths for people under 60.

We put our economy in a coma - causing pain and misery for millions and incurring trillions of dollars in debt - then neglected the most vulnerable, people in nursing homes. It should have been the opposite: we should have gone on with our regular lives, maybe with some changes to slow the spread, while focusing resources on protecting the elderly and people with preexisting conditions.

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....that people under 50 in Massachusetts are genetically different than people elsewhere? Or are you just a Monday-morning-quarterbacking simpleton?

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I'm sure we can find a guillotine somewhere ...

You know it would have helped if Mr Stable Genius stopped looking for miracles, stopped punishing states that tried to prepare, and acted like a fucking grown up rather than a third grader with a machine gun and a grudge.

Seriously. Stop it.

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I'm under 60. The statistics overwhelmingly show that I'll either a. be asymptomatic or b. have mild to moderate flu-like symptoms, then recover. That I can handle. Losing my job, not being able to pay my bills? That's a helluva lot harder.

Protect the elderly and the vulnerable, let everyone else get on with their lives.

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Shutting down non-essential business is an essential part of protecting the elderly and vulnerable, due to the extremely interconnected nature of our economy and the value our society places on freedom of movement. There would be no way to protect the vulnerable while allowing everybody else to go about their lives. We can't do both things.

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...because statistics determine whether you live or die.

Son, you are talking down to someone in the field of public health about statistics. Just take the L and quietly leave.

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Not all of us old people are in care facilities. If you observe the stay at home order and observe distancing and wear a mask while outside, you are protecting us and all the other people who are vulnerable.

Stop using your perceived immunity and pretend-concern for the elderly to support being a dick.

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Protect the elderly and the vulnerable, let everyone else get on with their lives.

Agreed. Now, let’s devise a way to make sure that people who have contracted covid wouldn’t spread it to the elderly and vulnerable *thinking emoji*

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We should have played these numbers in the lottery.

Hey look, I can make completely unhelpful recommendations based on information gathered after the fact too!

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Data definitely does not show that. Ask people under 60 who have gotten it. "Mild" is not a term I've heard any of them use to describe 3 week ordeal to get over it.

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