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Marshfield Fair canceled

The annual fair in August won't be held this year for Covid-19 reasons.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2021 Marshfield Fair.

The Topsfield Fair in October, is still scheduled, as is the Big E in September/October.



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Somehow I've never heard of the Marshfield Fair until now. Sounds great, and I hope to get there in a future year! I finally made it to the Topsfield Fair last year.

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Less Trumpies close to the beaches.

That being said, this means that high school program extras for the sports teams and the really good music program pull in a lot less money since kids run the parking lots on the town fields near the fair and thus the programs benefit.

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Southeastern MA is the Trumpiest part of the state.

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This actually has a pretty diverse crowd when I’ve been (off and on the last 10 years). I think the Bristol County area is the Trump area you are thinking of. (Middlebro, Lakeville, etc.). I mean there is your country fair element here, but I wouldn’t call it some sort of Trump fest.

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I was thinking this was Bristol County - in the words of Ted Sarandis, 'a thousand apologies'

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You are absolutely correct. It is a fun time and the overall tooth per person does sink a bit those weeks but the worst part about the fair is that it is the end of summer when it kicks in.

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Drown the Clown, a superabusive clown on a dunktank platform with a loudspeaker taunting people walking past.

Grandma's Racing Pigs, an actual pig race where the winner got a Oreo. No sign of Grandma, the thing was run by two young guys I later saw doing a magic show at Spookyworld.

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