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Markets in Roslindale, East Boston seek to bolster their beer and wine offerings with stiffer substances

Henry's Market, 892 South St. in Roslindale and Sava's, 150 Bennington St. in East Boston, go before the Boston Licensing Board next week for permission to extend their current beer-and-wine licenses to include harder alcoholic beverages.

The board's Zoomed hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.




I've been to so many cities in the US and internationally where you can buy any kind of beer, wine, or liquor in supermarkets, convenience stores, CVS/Walgreens, all over the place, with few restrictions on hours. It doesn't seem to promote heavier amounts of alcoholism, crime, or any of the other issues the nannies seem to have here in Massachusetts. It doesn't seem to ruin the independent store marketplace either. Our liquor licensing monstrosity should go down the way taxi medallions have become nearly worthless pieces of tin.

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Last time I was there, they seemed to have leaned heavily in the MA lotto thing so it's got kind of a OTB vibe vs. convenience store. That neighborhood does seem under-served in the alcohol dept. though so why not let them sell booze.

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I live near Henry's, and it's definitely booze-and-lotto/scratchy focused -- I'd love to be able to grab small grocery items there, but can't trust them to not be expired. I'm glad they're there & head there frequently to grab a six pack, but it's really a beer and lottery store masquerading as a neighborhood market.

On one hand there aren't lots of options in walking distance (Chance/Roslindale Liquors in the square, but it's pretty small) - on the other hand, I'm not psyched about the idea of seeing nips all over the neighborhood, especially being right next to Fallon Field.

Maybe this is a good case to put a stipulation on the license limiting the sale of nips and other small-volume liquor containers?

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On the one hand, Henry's is, as noted by others, basically just a packie now. Good luck buying bread, butter, eggs and milk there. Honestly it wouldn't really change much if they suddenly could sell Fireball and Boone's Farm in addition to Bud Light and White Claw. However, I feel like there is a tradition that you earn the right to advance up the alcohol evolutionary scale by being a good neighbor and maintaining a well run, attractive store. Henry's is dirty-looking and a bit scary. On that basis, I don't think they have earned the right to get a full alcohol license.

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I live nearer to a full packie that is nicer and run by friendlier folks than Henry's (in my experience) but once the customers leave with their nip and hip bottles, they end up in yards and hedges along our street. Intent of owner doesn't really enter into it.

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Henry's is scary? I have never once gone in there thinking it was scary and I have been going there since the mid 80's. I never thought of it that way. Interesting perspective.

I was just in there last week to buy some rolls (b/c I naturally forgot to get them at the supermarket!). Everyone was super nicel.

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Well, not the store itself, but the parking spaces outside, but that was a long time ago and under previous owners.

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old thirsty bastard?

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