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Man who allegedly open fire on Boston cops during rampaging now faces federal charges as well

The US Attorney's office in Boston announced today it has charged John Boampong, 37, on three charges, related to his actions early on June 1, that could land him in federal prison for 20 years if convicted.

Boampong was charged with assaulting a federal officer, interfering with a law enforcement officer during the commission of a civil disorder and being a prohibited person under felony indictment in possession of a firearm and ammunition, according to the US Attorney's office.

Boampong is already being held without bail in a local jail on 21 Massachusetts counts of armed assault with intent to murder for allegedly shooting at cops trying in general to contain the rampaging that followed a May 31 vigil on the Common for George Floyd and more specifically what he allegedly did when they told him to drive away from Boylston Street in the Back Bay.

According to the US Attorney's office:

It is alleged that, on June 1, 2020 at approximately 3:00 am, Boampong was driving his car near the Arlington Street and Boylston Street intersection in front of a store that had been victimized by looting that evening. Police officers instructed Boampong and his passengers to leave the area. The occupants of Boampong’s car initially became verbally combative towards the officers and failed to leave the area as instructed. When Boampong reversed the car, officers told him to stop, as officers and another vehicle were in the way. Boampong kept driving in reverse until one officer knocked with his baton on Boampong’s car to get his attention.

He then, authorities say, opened fire. The feds were able to levy charges against him because one of the officers who found himself under fire was a deputized federal officer. None of the officers were hit, but at least two windows

Innocent, etc.

Boampong then drove away, but soon returned to the area, parked on Providence Street, and allegedly shot at least 11 times toward officers, including a deputized federal officer.




Shooting at anyone in an offensive act, regardless of whether they are an officer or agent, should be at least 25 years.

Hope he can reflect on his crime when serving his time in federal max.

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Actions have consequences.

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Why are Breonna Taylor’s murderers still free then?

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