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Man charged with spray-painting swastikas on JFK Building HVAC

Gerard Richard Lee, 70, was arrested Friday after a police officer saw him "spray paint graffiti, including swastikas, on the air intake stack at the JKF Federal Building," the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Lee faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted on the one count of injuring or depredating government property, the US Attorney's office says.

Innocent, etc.



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that increased it's security measures, including having TSA level requirements as to what is allowed to be in your purse/backpack and no street parking in front, in response to 9/1 and the anthrax attacks around the same time. Spray painting on the building is likely a misdemeanor but spraying an aerosol around the air intake is like national security level charges - the FBI has offices there. Might be a felony. Waiting for the Trumpers to call for the national gestapo to call for him to be taken away in unmarked vans for the safety of the building though.

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He was five years old when US troops left post war Germany.

There is no way he didn't know what he was doing.

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I saw a photo of the graffiti, he was obviously trying to compare the trump administration nazi germany and didnt seem to be supporting nazism.

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I hope they sent him for a psych/dementia eval, unless he has a history of such behavior.

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A cursory Googling didn't reveal any history on him. Hope he was just having a really bad day. (Still not an excuse, I know.)

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A history of odd behavior would further justify a psychological evaluation.

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And recruiting senior citizens now apparently!

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Only PROUD BOOMERS is recruiting all the poor old men who are now subject to consequences for harassing women and gays and minorities (which in their "minds" equals "having rights taken away"!!!1!!11!!)

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Give them a piece of your mind?

Oh. Wait. Neither exists.

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Interesting, the viewpoints expressed about a 70 year old. Think well before you cast your vote for Joe Biden or Richie Neal or Ed Markey or . . .

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the state of affairs in which spray painting graffiti carries a TEN YEAR sentence?

Christ, you don't get that for forcible rape. And plenty of murderers get less.

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