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Man charged as Orange Line onanist

Transit Police report arresting a man witnesses was standing on an outbound Orange Line train and masturbating right in front of two seated women as the train approached Stony Brook around 10 a.m. yesterday.

Officers entered the train at Stony Brook and were able to quickly place Shavor Pickering, 30, who remained on the train, under arrest, police say.

Shavor Pickering, 30, who directed a few expletives at the woman as he was being led away, was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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How did I not know this word?

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gone to different elementary schools than I did. This was one of the top dirty words to look up in the dictionary.

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I can't see "OAN" without thinking it is "ONAN" ... the official self gratification network for nihilist right wing radicals.

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violating the levirate marriage laws?

Well, damn it. Marry your brother's widow to give him a heir, it's your duty!

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that Bible story gets even kinkier after the Onan part :-)

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That makes me check out bicycles for sale. Is there a woman in this city who hasn't had a bad experience riding the MBTA.

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named her canary Onan because he was always spilling his seed on the ground

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and his son, Master Bates.

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I had just become editor of the school paper when I was called in for a meeting with a very, very angry dean over a headline the sports department had run the week before about a no-doubt thrilling late-inning rally by the baseball team:

Judges master Bates with come from behind thrust after creaming Clark and Norwell.

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and in the Southern tradition, the women's teams are the Horney Ladies.

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and should not be in the business of teaching impressionable youth. :-)

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