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The lovechild of Montgomery Burns and Ebenezer Scrooge bids his workers a good day


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But he should be stripped of the team. Let him keep the real estate as a consolation—I know the arena ownership is the issue—and at least he won’t have his name in lights ever again.

Anyone been to Charleston airport? This shitbrick’s company essentially owns that too. That’s where Delaware North is headquartered, naturally—read: taxes!


Hi there, You are correct that Delaware North does run the concessions at the Charleston Airport. The company Delaware North is headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

Will we discuss the dining hall workers at Harvard?


...and being the vendor who holds the contract to sell concessions there, don't you think? And everyone knows this company is located in Buffalo. You seem overly excited.

Why single him out? How about outing all the individuals and corporations, oh and don't forget the governments, that engage this behavior.

A publicly traded company has more limitations due to shareholder value obligations, etc... Delaware North is a family owned business so if he wanted to, he could easily do this without corporation interference and without serious impacting his personal and company wealth. Not asking for annual guaranteed wages - just short term support.

That's some pretty flawed reasoning in support of discrimination.