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Local reporter pens gripping legal thriller, but she makes a mistake

Larry Davidson listens to the audio version of Hank Phillippi Ryan's The Murder List (affiliate link) and generally likes it, but finds one mistake that is surprising coming from a veteran Boston reporter:

[S]he suggests at one point that Brookline is in Middlesex County, but it’s actually in Norfolk ... Why should that tiny error bother me? Only because an important plot point hinges on a jurisdictional question between Suffolk and Middlesex counties, and it could be significant that Brookline is in Norfolk.

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That is bizarre. Sure I get that Spencer or Blown Away movie will willfully disregard local geography for the sake of the storyboards. But there is no excuse in a book where you have all the room you need to plothammer. And especially not acceptable from a well known local reporter. It can however get confusing around Chestnut Hill over which parts are Brookline or Newton [thus Norfolk or Middlesex county]. Could that be a factor?

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That's right, kids. Our New England nonsensical attachment to obscure old fancy schmancy means that you've got a place with its own postal name (Chestnut Hill) and its own zip code (02446) that is in three separate counties.

It's dumb. Nix the phrase "Chestnut Hill" as a placename, and replace it with Newton, Brookline, or Boston as appropriate.

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in a thread about errors in location references, at least get the zip code right (02467).

you've got a place with its own postal name (Chestnut Hill) and its own zip code (02446) that is in three separate counties.

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it in the Movie version., It will be in Charlestown, Dorchester or Southie,
Suffolk county. Bro.
Baby Fahking Wheel guy needs a cameo

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You would think that she would have had a few people from Brookline read it first before it hit the market???

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I understand if I'm watching KTLA News and the reporter gets a detail about Boston wrong. But if a local reporter messes up something basic, there's no excuse.

A couple of weeks ago a reporter on Channel 10/NBC said "Broomfield Street" and I bitched about that for a good 10 minutes.

Signed, former newspaper reporter

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I yell at the TV whenever someone says “Broadway St.” or somesuch.

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Some official documents from various local cities refer to various Broadways as Broadway Street.

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So did they mean Bromfield? Or Bloomfield?

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It was about the Public Garden assault

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Magoo has always been intrigued by Hank Philippi Ryan’s three part name. Magoo thinks Magoo will change Magoo’s name to Magoo Magoo Magoo. The three part name is a class act. Magoo.

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... Norfolk with a Spanish accent!!!!

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"How's the patient doing, Doctor?"
"Fine! He's going to make it.
""He"? You went in with a she!"
"One little mistake..."

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