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Let's taco 'bout these Cinco de Mayo lines in Brighton

Waiting for food at Los Amigos in Brighton.

Around 7:40 p.m., Jeffbax checked in from the Los Amigos Taqueria in Brighton Center:

Attempting to pick up some Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo might have been one of my all-time worst ideas. Complete chaos over at Los Amigos in Brighton… Immediately ditched my order seeing this scene and hearing someone say they were waiting an hour.




I really do.

We really are the worst.

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When I called you "basic bitches" in the Arboretum thread on Saturday, that wasn't a challenge or an affectionate jab.

No, seriously, I've been patronizing this place for more than a decade, since it was Boca Grande. I've honest to Christ never seen more than five other customers in the store. I'll bet every single person shared the Cinco de Mayo/Taco Tuesday/Coronavirus meme, and I'll bet at least two of them passed it off like they came up with the joke.

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Boca Grande was quite popular at times, usually dinnertimes when the colleges were in session. Agreed about the stupidity of this specific behavior, though. Los Amigos is ok but lacks Boca Grande's carnitas game.

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The managers probably should have limited ordering and assigned time slots for order pick ups to space things out for both the kitchen and the patrons coming in for pick up. But it’s easy to criticize from a distance and this is the first pandemic stay-at-home order that we have had to manage. Live and learn.

But I still hope that people aren’t total a-holes on Yelp! et al in regards to this. Complain if you want, but make it constructive. Re-align expectations for a COVID world. Understand that a lot of people tried their very best to fulfill all orders.

On the other hand, I count a minimum of 24 people (including the photographer) waiting inside. Los Amigos: take control of your dining room. Patrons: you’re food isn’t coming any quicker by standing inside looking impatient.

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Walk your dumb ass over to Jim's, get a great meal there, and try again with the Mexican tomorrow.


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Very confused here

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He wasn't rewarded with votes as a result of intelligent, nuanced original thoughts about issues and policy.

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I think you're missing an issue that explains why some of these customers don't want to leave: they've ordered online and already paid for their food. I'm sure many of them wish they had ordered from somewhere else or cooked at home, but the restaurant (or their online system) didn't plan for the capacity or provide reasonable estimates for when food would be ready.

I think this has to be on the restaurant managers for not having a good system in place for distributing food or for not pausing online orders when they get overwhelmed.

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Biden would have thought it was Taco Thursday.

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Not bad for a fake holiday that isn't even celebrated in Mexico to any great extent.

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I drove by on my way home with Buff's wings. There ended up being about 3-4 cop cars there. People were parked in front of hydrants, bus stops, and all the way into the Bank of America lot that is closed.

Someone on Twitter said the cops eventually closed the restaurant down. They were supposedly over an hour behind on filling meals.

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The hell with cop cars, send the jakes to thread the hose through the car windows.

It's Brighton Center, not midtown Manhattan. No excuses. Plenty of parking if you try.

EDIT: As I woke up, I realized the inherent irony (coincidence?) in this. Social distancing is still a novel contract, with people participating to varying degrees. But if there's one contract that we, an increasingly siloed people, all seem to still honor, no matter the difficulty, it's that we don't block a hydrant with an unoccupied vehicle.

That went out the window so that somebody could order a burrito while not observing the distancing contract. When did we stop admiring firefighters?

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There was about a block of cars backed up on the left side of the road, few dozen people milling about outside.

On another note, we were looking to order tacos/burritos for dinner but as we were looking, seemed most places were not taking orders. Guess everyone else was thinking of ordering the same.

So we ended up making turkey burgers, which I am not complaining about.

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Without getting into how I feel about the whining I am seeing here (which, I know, would not be helpful), let me say that my fam caravanned from Hyde Park to Huntington Ave. to celebrate (with masks on, and at an appropriate and safe distance), our oldest kids b'day. On the way there, and on the way back, we passed numerous taco joints. Every taco joint we passed had a lot of people in line, but they were all social distancing, all had masks on, and all acted like adults. Just my personal observations.

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I read on Facebook (the uncontested bible of all things COVID) that the West Roxbury Los Amigos is closed for a bit to give the workers a break.

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Don’t know why they would need a break. I’ve been there 5 times over the past month and no one has been in there. Usually they have 7-9 workers, this past month they’ve had 3-4.

edit: sorry you said West Roxbury, I meant Brighton.

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That someone traveled from West Roxbury to Brighton for a burrito?

I'll answer my own question with an anecdote: When I drove rideshare, I once took a couple of ladies who lived in the Leighton St. towers over by the MoS to honest to God Everett during the afternoon rush so that they could patronize...a Pizza Hut.

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I was once sitting in the 4th row at Carnegie Hall waiting for a concert to begin, and eavesdropping on a group of blue-haired matrons behind me, who were debating the best place in Manhattan to get chicken wings. There were some advocates for Olive Garden, TGIF, and the like, but one stalwart held out for Hooters.

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