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Legal Seafood shuts Charlestown outpost

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Legal chain has permanently shuttered its Legal Oysteria restaurant in City Square.




Legal has reduced their restaurant/outlets from 34 to 26 in the last 12 months or so. The pandemic has been unkind to Legal (as it has been to many restaurants). Its operating model emphasizes the freshness of offering which does not lend itself to takeout. Legal has struggled to stay viable.

In October of 2020, Irish investment firm Danu Partners (under the US entity of PPX Hospitality Brands) and Legal Sea Foods entered into discussions about a possible "joint venture" - M&A language for selling one's business.

Purely speculating but it appears that talks may have stalled around evaluation - ergo Berkowitz is right-sizing the business to make the numbers work.

This is not the first entry into Boston by Irish Danu Partners. They purchased three Boston-area Strega restaurants in January and already owned the bulk of the Smith & Wollensky. With the recent sale of Dunkins, is there anything left in Boston own by Bostonians?

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Todd English won't make a move on the space...

But in all seriousness, as a semi-regular, the team there were always awesome and amazing... especially the bartenders...

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...one of the BEST Legal menus!

Sorry to hear this.

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The LTK on Seaport Blvd has been closed and looks to be empty inside. Has this already been announced as "closed"?

The actual Legal Seafoods located on Liberty Wharf has been open and I think will continue since it's always busy .. plus down the street from "Legal Seafoods World Headquarters" (RIP).

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closed in August, unfortunately. I believe the one in Terminal A at Logan has reopened, after hibernating during the spring/summer (seems weird to type that).

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"Charlestown outpost" LOL! I like it

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Sure would suck to send local resturant dollars to Ireland, when support is so badly needed here.

At the same time, Legals is one of the few Boston area restaurants that actually handles my allergy appropriately.

I'll try my best, but can't get sick because some random kid in the kitchen wasn't trained properly.

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