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Landlord says he might re-open Pour House

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Pour House's landlord is looking to buy out the other partners in the Boylston Street place and possibly re-open it within a month, even as he works on plans to connect the buildings housing that restaurant with the neighboring and equally closed Lir and build above them.

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Sorry, but West Broadway places were doing a swell business last weekend.

Boylston Street in the Fenway was crowded with groups of freshman doing the everyone gets along for the first two weeks of college thing, and the restaurants were doing a bang up business last night.

It seems for some of these places which are "closing" are really using the chaos for cover to get out from under $90/SF NNN leases and come back at lower rents, or so it seems.

Are there places which are hurting? You bet, but there are some people with deep pockets who have donned the kabuki make up lately of the landless peasant pleading for sympathy from all these big bad so bad it make you want to cry government imposed Covid restrictions.

Cry me a river.

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This doesn't make a lot of sense. I lived upstairs at 911 Boylston (McGreevy's) and there is no "connection" betwixt that building, 907 or 903 Boylston outside of a firewall. Also, no patio seating available and the cold weather coming, any banker, purveyor or vendor with a modicum of common sense would know not to extend this idea a line of credit. If you listen closely you can almost make out a Trader Joe's accountant running the numbers with the jiggly hula gal on their desk.

When Charlie Baker said "It stinks, it stinks, a lot of this stinks..." I thought he was talking about the bathrooms inside the venues, not the nonsense we're now hearing about a super pub replacing the existing spaces.

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Maybe more likely a bunch of expensive condos with a pub on the first floor - sort of like the buildings along the Fenway stretch of Boylston.

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Which would require a very lengthy permitting process in the Back Bay, the current buildings being over 100 years old and somewhat rundown if I remember correctly from '02. This sounds more like a PR stunt than anything, in my humble opinion.

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