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If you want takeout in Arlington, you'll have to wait outside

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that, starting at noon today, restaurants that are still open and offering takeout can no longer allow patrons inside to pick up food. Also, the town urges people to either pay online or use a credit card - keep that dirty cash to yourself.

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Someone had posted a photo of a popular spot over the weekend that had 6 employees in close contact behind the counter and customers waiting for their orders inside the store. Wonder if that had something to do with it.

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the town manager, and the state assemblyperson all read that group, I wouldn't be surprised.

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And for people who don't use cards?

And takeout places that refuse cards for orders under $10 because of the card cartels' exorbitant fees?

Not the least bit surprised this crisis isn't being used to further the "war on cash" and get more people into the traceable plastic currency system.

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