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If you live in Boston, ignore that e-mail you may have gotten from National Grid about power outages tomorrow

Well, we might see power outages tomorrow, but for some reason, National Grid decided to e-mail its Boston gas customers and tell them to call National Grid should their power go out, which would be a waste of everybody's time, since National Grid doesn't provide electricity in Boston and it's Eversource you want to contact should your power go out.


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Thanks for posting this! Help confirmed a few things I've been hearing about electricity. People in Cali I know have experienced outages lately. Maybe it's in anticipation of the expected winds. Either way people should power up and make sure things are charged.

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National Grid provides electricity in Hyde Park, a holdover from the days of the Town of Hyde Park.

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They sent it to people nowhere near Hyde Park, like JP.

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But you did note that they don't provide electricity to anyone in Boston. Hyde Park still counts as Boston, right?

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Sorry but not even close National Grid does not provide electricity to Hyde Park. Adam is 100% correct. Eversource provides gas and electric to Hyde Park the rest of the citiy’s gas system is provided by National Grid.

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I'm always confusing the two. Even worse, I run by the Eversource electrical yard constantly.

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Back when it was Boston Gas and Boston Edison, nobody had any trouble figuring this stuff out.

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There's a part of Hyde Park (maybe WR also, dunno), that was part of the old Commonwealth Gas. Totally non-interconnected pipe system. The office was up on Bussey St in Dedham.

They may have some interconnections now, to improve the system, but again, don't know.

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