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Homeland Security is not preparing to send SWAT teams into Chelsea to forcibly evict immigrants, police chief says

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes reports somebody's been sending Chelsea residents fraudulent letters, allegedly from Homeland Security, ordering them to leave the country immediately or face the wrath of federal SWAT teams:

This was NOT sent from the Department of Homeland Security in Burlington. DHS-ICE verified that this communication did not come from ICE.




Who will be The first to Blame Bad Man Orange. 1...2...3....GO!

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and I'm sorry the last few days have been extremely difficult for you.

You got conned, Rat. And now that the shows over you're feeling a lot of emotions but it's ok.

Your fellow Americans understand and are here for you.

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To my fellow DotRat
The orangeanus may not be directly responsible for this mailing, but we both know for sure that whoever did this is a sympathizer and if he/she voted, they most certainly voted for him.
Please proceed.

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Well when the orange fireball is on TV or at his rallies he's ramping up that rhetoric. Its bound to happen. Chelsea residents are an easy target because of our immigrant population.

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Remember in the 70s through the 90s when Dorchester was a haven for thousands of undocumented (and documented) immigrants? They were mostly carpenters, painters, and laborers. They ordered tea instead of coffee at Dunkees. And I don't remember any hate being directed their way. (My late grandparents with the same heritage did experience some problems back in the 1910s through the 1930s though). The economy in their home country improved, due in part to American investment, and many of the immigrants left Boston and returned to their original homes.

They were from Ireland. And they were white. America needs to reject the bigotry and the racism. This letter to immigrants in Chelsea is pure bigoted racism.

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You usually connect that with the toddler with shit smeared all over his hands and clothes and face.

/parenting wisdom

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I don’t and never have even lived in Dot. I’m a middle aged mixed race woman living in my mamma’s basement.

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At what point does repeating the same non sequitur in the comment become spam?

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Their stricter ‘enforcement’ most likely will accomplish exactly nothing. By the time infraction reports make it to the transit piggies the maskless losers will be long gone.

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You seem to have posted this comment on the wrong thread.

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that Homeland Security is sending SWAT teams to enforce mask compliance on the T.

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