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Here's looking at you, kid

Frog in the mud

Mary Ellen reports coming across seven frogs sharing a mud puddle on a dirt path along the train tracks at Millennium Park today.



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I've just got to know. What kind of camera is Mary Ellen using to get these gorgeous nature shots?

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I can ask her the exact type (it has a good zoom lens), if you like, but it shows it's not the camera but the photographer.

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Thanks Adam for always doing a great job with local news and I especially love the Mary Ellen pics. She is a wonderful photographer and I love her subject matter!

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I thought it might be a phone but yeah; Cameras are still a thing.

Keep on shooting Mary!

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Panasonic LUMIX FZ80.

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Exactly, you can out a 10k rig in someone's hands and if they can't read the scene and frame it nicely then who cares? This is a $300 fully integrated system with a crazy long zoom ability , by photo standards it's very low key but she does amazing work with it. Love this frog. I have photographer friends who purposfully go out and buy old cameras or toy cameras and then somehow manage to make majestic images with them.

Cell phones are really coming of age in the photo world but no matter how fancy they get their sensors and reach can only do so much. With the zoom she has on this she can get down into that muddy water without actually diving in. The larger sensor let's her pick up the nuance of the shades and ripples .

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