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He came to Boston for help, was murdered instead

The Boston Sun recounts the life of Damien Hughes, stabbed to death outside the Southampton Shelter on July 31.


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So sad. Hopefully someday we can find a way to treat addiction as a disease, instead of doing our best to keep people suffering with it hidden from "polite" society.

RIP, Damien.

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Heroin and fentanyl peddling to profit from the said addiction and to ensure trillions spent on trying to help the addicts go right down the drain, on the other hand, is most certainly not a disease.

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If you don't believe addiction is a disease, you should probablyknow that not only is it the texted on MRI, it is also listed in the DSM 4 criteria for psychiatric disorders. It would not be listed here if it were not plainly considered a brain disorder.
I believe in openly making sure people don't overdose with narcan and yes, even monitoring by medical staff .
But I liked to invite every government official to visit this place unannounced.(especially the MAYOR..MARTY WALSH, since he's the one that put this "tent"up but doesn't seem have time to go to the memorial tomorrow, (or even sign or stamp a certificate for the staff person that rushed out not even knowing if this murderer was around, tore his shirt off and put pressure on the hole in my son's neck talking to him gently.)

The fights, the lack of dignity, the needles that are swept into the air by street sweeper several times a day, and the drug dealing are all combining to create even more violence.
If insurance would cover treatment, such as residential halfway houses (which really are the only model of treatment that works on a long-term basis) , we would spend less because people would stay clean.
I believe someone should receive the same treatment they would if they were hearing voices, or someone with diabetes that cost the system hundreds of thousands of dollars but gets the best care.
Or should we discuss cancer? People smoke three packs a day for their life and wonder why they have cancer, ( although that is not always the case.)
We spend trillions on cancer and still are no closer to a cure.
Thank you for your comments. It just gave me more strength to keep going in the fight to make people aware that addiction is a disease, and should be treated as every other disease is.

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Ashley, I remember when Damien was born. I am very sorry for your loss. Drug addiction just takes and takes.

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The violence in the methadone has been downplayed by the media and accepted by city leaders whose plan is to thin out the heard.

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