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Harvard professor looks at running for governor

Danielle Allen, director of the Harvard Ethics Center, is looking at running for governor in 2022, the Crimson reports.


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I learned a new oxymoron today.

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Real hot take, super helpful, thanks

It's about time MA realized that the Gov has mismanaged everything he's ever touched and stands for absolutely nothing

As Danielle Allen says in this inspiring video, "It's time to make a change"

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You're right. Everyone promises change.

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So we should just give up on trying to improve things then? Cool, here’s to more years of non-leadership

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If so, you're going to really surprised when you discover what the Dana Farber Cancer Institute actually does...

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If he is , I predict he will lie and cry his way to a third term. The cult of Saint Charlie is strong in these parts.
(For reference see fishy fisherman story lie and multiple crying episodes, some based on fishy fisherman story)
Oh and keep in mind nothing is ever his responsibility, especial repeated instances of state police corruption. Saint Charlie is shocked, shocked, I tell you, to find out that it keeps on happening under his watch.

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If the best chance for the Democrats is someone who first moved to the state after Baker was sworn in, they might not have much of a chance.

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Baker’s favorables with Democrats are astronomical. 81% favorable to 13% unfavorable. Contrast that with the metastasizing of MAGA in the MA Republican Party where Baker is only 54% / 40% favorable/unfavorable. It’s astounding that 40% of the perennial “most popular Governor’s” own party finds him unfavorable. Fortunately for Baker, the actual number of registered Republicans in MA renders the 40% virtually irrelevant.

But with 81% favorable among Dems, Baker has one hell of a head start in 2022. It will take a dynamic, charismatic, and tireless candidate to give Baker a run for his money, a big change from 2018 where I cannot for the life of me remember who was the Dem nominees for Gov/Lt Gov that I voted for over Baker.

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I thought Baker couldn’t run again since governor can only have 2 terms. Is that not correct?

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The way that we limit the number of terms for a Governor is to use the ballot box to defeat a Governor or if s/he declines to run for re-election.

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When’s the last time a sitting Governor was defeated at the ballot box in Massachusetts?

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I think it was Mike Dukakis in the early 80s (70s?) after his first term and before he ran again and won with Marjorie Claprood.

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He lost to Democrat Edward J. King, but ran again in 1983 with John Kerry as Lt. Gov. and won. Evelyn Murphy later replaced Kerry as Lt. Gov. Marjorie Clapprood ran for Lt. Gov. with John Silber in 1990 when they were defeated by Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci.

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Evelyn Murphy. Of course.

There is no way I could have remembered all those details and several of those names without Wikipedia.

Mike Dukakis handed off to Bill Weld when I was in middle school. I voted against Weld and for Stephen Pierce in our class mock primary elections.

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