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Gyms, Duck Boats re-start in Boston

WBUR reports.

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Nice to know we now have the opportunity to catch up to the dumber states.
Why do people go to gyms anyhow?


I go to work off the beer and whiskey fat that I built up trying to take the edge off of having to put up with the likes of you.


My daughter lives in a small apartment in Boston with no room for exercise equipment. Her Physical Therapist has prescribed several exercises that require gym equipment that she needs to do on a regular basis to keep her healthy. I am sure she is not the only one who "needs" to use a gym regularly for a variety of reasons.


I assure you, she's in the vast majority of gym users. And, let's be clear -- if we were handling things better, folks like your daughter would get a COVID-script and go do PT in a medical facility while we were still squeezing this virus out.

People have lots of great reasons to go to the gym when there isn't a pandemic. During a pandemic -- including now -- there's no reason why society can't provide supports for those in search of exercise that don't endanger so many.

And none of these places are flinging their doors open. They have restrictions on numbers of people, etc. I know quite a few businesses that have not opened despite being allowed, because they either decided to wait longer due to the restrictions or are still working on their plans.

Do people even bother reading the guidelines?

The range of estimates put the fatality rate for those showing symptoms between 0.2%-1%, with a "best estimate" of 0.4%. -- USA Today

As Democrat NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said about Corona virus, "the facts don't justify the fear." For those under 60, you have a better chance of drowning on a Duck Boat tour in the USA than contracting the virus and dying. Also for those under 60 living in Boston Police Areas B, C and E, there's strong anectodal evidence that there is a better chance of being murdered in 2020 than dying from the disease. At this point, it's just an intentional infliction of economic harm in the hope of defeating Trump.

Who cares about a positive test if the person testing positive has no symptoms or symptoms so mild she would otherwise never even know she had the virus? The elderly and high risk groups have been educated and studies bashing hydroxychloroquine have been quietly withdrawn. That's the drug that saved BPD Capt. Greland and many others despite the best efforts of the media to condemn the drug because President Trump endorsed it. The good news, 89% of Americans know enough to distrust the media and a similar 80% of school aged kids want them to return to the classroom. I think the Duck Tours will be OK.


Your fellow travelers like Lepage, John Dennis have already left the cruel tyranny of Massachusetts behind - why not join them?

Please move to Florida and breath deep the air of liberty. We'll manage up here.


The facts remain the same, whether they're presented from a computer in MA, FL or anywhere else. I understand they don't fit the left's narrative but we can all rest easy knowing the issue will disappear on November 4th, the day after the election, regardless of the winner.

Please note that the far-left Democrat Mayor of Phoenix, AZ was just caught lying about bringing in refrigerator trucks after morgues ran out of space. The original story was widely circulated, the fact check not so much.



we can all rest easy knowing the issue will disappear on November 4th, the day after the election, regardless of the winner

Are all 150,000 dead people going to come back to life too? Their friends and families would find that really comforting.

How can you possibly think it's a conspiracy? It would require every nation on earth and billions of people to all go in on a lie just to hurt Trump politically.


Easy, he's a retired person who just spends all day pumping Qannon, OAN type bullshit right into his brain, so you know, a standard issue boomer.


... are you, Parkwhine?
You sound as bad as he.


I suppose I should have spelled out that I intended the boomer part of my post as just a joke and that I know that while the clear majority of boomers supported Trump and are still his strongest supporters, but no means are all of them Trumpers. Sort of like I know that the majority of my white male Gen X peers supported Trump but not all of us did. Referring to polling data, media consumption data, voting records, etc... isn't a stereotype FYI.

Side note: no, you may not speak to my manager.


You truly are a sack of crap to not give a damn about the 120,000 Americans who have died. Why do you hate this country so much?


doesn't bother to read his own articles past the headlines. Mayor had said, "Our morgues are out of room." Fish: "OMG, she was wrong, and the lamestream media did not correct her!!1!"

Correction in the article he posted: "Morgues are not *yet* full; they are at 96-97% capacity", with daily infections and deaths still going up, which is why some towns have started ordering refrigerated trucks. More troubling: 88% of current inpatient beds and 89% of ICU beds were in use as of Friday.

In the Land of Trumpie Drool-Cup Wearers, this morgue thing counts as a gotcha. Fish could be drowning in sewage, and his first observation would be, "Gee, it's kinda dimly lit in here."


You make some valid points..you also put the death rate high at .4% The CDC has it at a best estimate of 0.26% and it seems to be falling even lower as treatment is improving. Another strange and widely reported story was the Houston hospital at 100% capacity. The neglected piece of information was that only 27% were covid patients..the rest were elective surgeries backed up due to lockdowns. Would we ever consider blaming the lockdown for having 73% of the icu filled?
As a Bernie guy, and a life long leftist, it is getting pretty frustrating to watch the left ignore science and data, and try to pin a virus on Trump. Bernie has told us time and time again about pharma corruption and fraud being rampant. Its one of the biggest reasons I supported him. Yet suddenly we are totally blind to the 1.2 billion dollar payments that multiple vaccine manufacturers have received shortly after publishing false narratives on covid? Just look at the mathematical modelling of the Imperial College of London and Oxford, (later proved to be absurdly wrong)and then look at what they got in funding. Look at the falsified studies on Remdesivir and Hydroxychloriquine, which had to be retracted..one of those drugs is drcades okd and costs a few bucks, one is orphan drug status and cost $3700 per treatment..hmmm.

Most of all, look at Sweden, and the reactions to it. A country of 10 million that does not lockdown, and has had schools, gyms, stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, salons all remain open. They post a death rate less than half of MA. They had 200 deaths under the age of 60, only about 60 deaths under the age of 50, and zero under 20. They also could not identify a case of a child transmitting to an adult despite extensive contact tracing...and remember, schools were open. Now..doesnt this seem like good data? Wouldnt most people be happy to see that young healthy people arent dying from this, and that our decisions to lockdown and impact and possibly destroy literally millions of healthy youg lives should be questioned? Are people aware of the UN and Unicef reports saying that the economic impact of lockdowns will cause a spike of INFANT mortality in the hundreds of thousands? That possibly hundreds of MILLIONS will be put in extreme poverty? It will be bad in America, but nothing compared to places like Yemen, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Africa. To put it in a way that maybe the left will understand, the lockdown is essentially a knee to the neck of MILLIONS of brown people throughout the developing world. Think about it, and think about data, facts, and the bigger picture when you say you say you are saving lives.

You're right. My chance of dying due to COVID is extremely low particularly since hospitals have capacity at the moment. So what scares me and most others who read the "mainstream" news:

- If hospitalizations increase to the point of not getting medical care if needed. This is happening right now in Texas and Arizona. They can only save so many lives at once.

- The effects of people who get the virus and live are still being studied. Lots of evidence people suffer from all sorts of ongoing aliments which range from annoying to horrifying. So just looking at the fatality rate ignores all the other horrible stuff which can happen.

I'm not scared the way other on UHub are but I'm not going to be cavalier about it. I wear a mask indoors without complaint. (And wear it correctly.) I'm not going to go to a crowded location.


Thanks for that. Please convince the rest of the world that they're insane for blocking American travel to their shithole countries because we're not taking advice from scientists. We're winning the race to herd immunity because everyone is so casual about it. Good work, America. Too bad the virus ate your economy and killed all your grandparents.


At this point, it's just an intentional infliction of economic harm in the hope of defeating Trump.

Just because Trump thinks that everything is about him, all the time, there's no reason for you to believe it, too. That you think efforts to keep people from dying in agony is somehow a partisan attack on your favorite gangster says a lot about you.


We all know that a fish rots from the head, and this particular fish has been decaying for some time, so it's not surprising that he didn't put too much brain work into this. Assume that that estimable medical journal USA Today is right, and the fatality rate for those showing symptoms is 0.4%. The confirmed death toll for the USA so far is 138,000, though many experts think the real count is much higher. This means that the total number of symptomatic cases is 138,000/0.004, or 34.5 million. This is a little over 10% of the US population. Does that sound right to you? Remember we're not counting asymptomatic cases.

But since we're using real numbers, let's calculate the fatality rate directly. The number of confirmed fatalities is 138K, the number of confirmed cases is 3.441M. 138,000/3,441,000 = 0.04. So the actual measured fatality rate is 4%, or 10 times that fishy USA Today number!

Of course either one of those statistics - the number of cases and the number of deaths -could be wrong; probably they both are. But you have to start somewhere, and I sincerely doubt that either Fish or his USA Today experts have any better information.


The bigger problem we are starting to see with COVID is not the mortality rate but the rate of permanent injury.

For every person who dies from COVID-19, there are many more people who will have permanent heart damage, permanent lung damage, strokes, or neurological damage.




Scientists need to base the response on estimates in order to compare with other viruses as well. For example, when you hear the flu has an estimated .1% fatality rate, the denominator used is an estimate that about 40 million people get the flu every year. If they used people who tested positive that number would be much higher, but most people never bother going to the hospital with the flu. As we are constantly being told, this virus is more easily transmittable and also has a lot more asymptomatic cases than the flu, so they have to estimate those numbers to determine policy, and compare it to other virus infection fatality rates. The CDC currently puts that best estimate at avout. 0.26%. Which is about 2.5x an average flu year for infection fatality rate.

Its nowhere close to as bad as the 1918 Flu, but significantly worse than average. Interestingly, though we had a very significat fatality rate for the flu 2 years ago, which saw 80,000 deaths and we hardly blinked..and that was with 100 million vaccinations being given.
Thhe flu also has dramatically higher impact on children as well. In fact, in the 1918 pandemic, it was largely the children and 20-30 year olds who died, while the elderly were largely spared. That is the exact opposite of this virus. Another point worth studying is that in the 1918 flu, the vast majority of deaths happened in the 2nd wave, but the places who fared best were the ones that had more exposure to the first wave. Exposure can sometimes be the most critical means of prevention.

Are the Swan Boats running?


just paddling.



Talking out of turn? That's a paddlin'. Lookin' out the window? That's a paddlin'. Staring at my sandals? That's a paddlin'. Paddlin' the swan boat? Oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'.


they just announced no swan boats this year

Oh, thats right. It's because the Federal Government has failed us by design and small business must now risk their lives to survive financially.

While golf courses, wineries, multi-million dollar corporations and tech startups linked to Trump, Mnuchin, et al reap the benefits of pouring millions into our criminal President's coffers.

If you're smart, start acting like this is Week 1 of Quarantine and stock up on EVERYTHING.

Because it's coming back.


Would you like your fear with a cup of coffee this Tuesday morning?

It isn't "coming back", only because it never left. If we proceed as if it left, that's why we'll end up back at week 1. I wouldn't go nuts buying toilet paper, but I do think in all likelihood we will go through multiple periods of needing to restrict our actions more. To think we're just going to move in the direction of being more and more "open" is a happy delusion.

Casinos, hair salons, gyms, indoor dining, Duck Boats, golf courses but no libraries? Is the reading lobby not strong enough? I want to go to the library. I can do without all the other stuff that reopened, honestly.

They've read a book older than Coca-Cola before, so they may be a bit skeptical.

They seem to be concentrating on getting curbside up branch by branch. Hopefully they will at least open the central one for browsing soon.

They are doing their concerts in the courtyard virtually. The performers are in the courtyard and you can watch on live video.