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Green Line not fine

The T is currently busing Green Line passengers between Kenmore and Park due to what it calls "a power problem."

Earlier in the morning, Orange Line riders got to experience delays due to a dead train, which lead to un-social distancing on the remaining trains.

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Billions in debt and deep regret. Could be worse in New York vandals have smashed hundreds of train windows and the MTA is running out of windows. I have no idea if the MBTA is experiencing the same vandalism issues. T Management will deny any delays do to vandalism.

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To make things extra special, the outbound train I'm on arrived with the signs off-so passengers had to decipher nearly inaudible announcements to know if they were getting on the correct line. B line is delayed 20+ minutes, why can't they run shuttle buses outbound from Kenmore?

On the plus side, it's a free ride....

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Breakdowns, delays, bustitutions or otherwise, the T should NOT be allowing this consistent overcrowding. I have seen it myself on the Blue Line and have exited the train as a result. Isn't there anybody to crack down on this danger? Way back at the beginning didn't the T say they would be monitoring the number of people allowed on trains and buses?

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All of the T pronouncements about masks, social distancing, spacing of trains and buses, and monitoring the number of people on a train or bus are propaganda. It is apparent that there is no plan in place to actually make any of these things happen, especially when a train or bus breaks down, or when there is a surge in ridership. If I am wrong , and there is a plan, then there certainly is not the capability in place to make the plan work

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