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The Green Line is dead due to utility work overhead

The Green Line isn't running between Copley and Government Center because the T has to inspect the tunnel under Tremont Street to make sure some work by a utility crew above the tunnel didn't do any damage to what is, of course, the country's oldest subway tunnel.


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It looked like an Eversource crew digging a trench on Tremont St. actually punctured a small hole in the tunnel roof.

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but only the section between east of Arlington (Public Garder portal) and Park Street is the oldest subway tunnel - if you don't count the Beech Punematic Subway in New York City.

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Arlington wasn't part of the original subway, if we're nitpicking. The oldest portion of the tunnel ran from Park Street to a portal in the Public Garden that doesn't exist anymore (and after that to a portal in the middle of Boylston Street near where the Four Seasons is now) before being extended down Boylston Street in 1914. The stretch from Park Street to Scollay Square (now Government Center) opened in 1898, the year after the original tunnel opened. There's also a segment of the tunnel under Tremont past Boylston that's abandoned but still there, well, unless the utility workers were down there too or something.

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Have clarified my post - thanks.

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