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Greatest Bar shuts down

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Friend Street bar is the latest to go into hibernation, with the hope of re-opening at some point.

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Charlie, Marty et. al. haven’t made the tough decision to shutter restaurants because they know if they run out the clock, enough establishments will be coerced by the unfavorable market conditions to shut down on their own.

They figure that they eventually get the benefits of restaurants shutting down without showing leadership being the bad guys. But just because you didn’t throw sailors overboard doesn’t mean your hands are clean for standing by and watching them drown.

It’s terrible now, but it’s gonna be a bigger bloodbath in January, the month that is economically brutal for the industry in good economic times.

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And, drum roll...


Game over, for the election, I think. It's Biden/Harris. Worth a read, Adler makes some interesting points.

The winter will be tough, Europe is a train wreck, looks like, https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/covid-in-europe-death-tolls-soar-an...

It will be a tough winter. Best to do is, I dunno, hunker down and hope for the best. I may have more to say later, but have to go out to grab a bite before the clampdown.


Oh, BTW, the 'sailors overboard' is not a good analogy. Law of the sea is always try to rescue people. Even enemy, if the shooting's over and danger is minimized.

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Congratulations on arriving in November 7, 2020. The rest of us are five weeks ahead in December. Greetings from the future.

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Trump still hasn't taken his case to the People's Court, the Food Court, the Galactic Senate, or the Council of Elders from "Bill & Ted"

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C'mon, the current crop of conservative thinkers in the GOP would absolutely love to watch someone they saw as an enemy drown. You think those helicopter shirts are funny?

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Charlie and Marty can't do anything. They are just puppets. You should be mad at the high wealth movers and shakers who make them their bitch.

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Can all the wealth of the developer partner entities of the TDGarden and Hub and new Star Market supermarket corporate giants save these beloved establishments? The only survivors seem to be huge entities. Help. Come on, you are right next door!

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Lot of opportunities for big corporate restaurants and lots of good locations for developers on the other side of this. Big business happy to see independents bleed out.

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TD Garden didn't cover their own employees when the pandemic first put everyone into lock-down. Why would they help a 'competitor'.

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