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Franklin Park Zoo makes history with twin tapir tots

The tapir twins are here!

The Franklin Park Zoo reports that Abby, one of its Baird's tapirs, gave birth Thursday to twin babies, something that's never before been reported at either a zoo or in the wild.

The tapirs were born after zoo veterinarians first anesthetized Abby to help with the birth, because her water broke but that was not followed by any contractions to help push the ten-pound babies out.

Both mother and babies are doing fine, but the babies are in a separate enclosure for now - where Abby can see them - so staffers can ensure they are feeding well in their first few days. They are fed every two hours to help them pack on the pounds; both weight a little less than 10 pounds at birth, about half what a normal tapir newborn weighs.

Baird's tapirs, which can reach several hundred pounds in weight, are native to southern Mexico and Central America.

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Ketchup? Mustard? Chimichurri?

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I am a twin tapir tot
I'll pose for a shot
You fed me, wash me
Let me go pee
And, boy, do I poop a lot

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Thank you for sharing, our daughter was at Zoo camp this summer while Abby was pregnant and she is excited with this news!

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Congratulations to the FP Zoo.

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but I doubt they're the father of the twins.

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Hey you guys gotta go the lights & world display at night at the Franklin Park Zoo it’s definitely something to do.

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