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Fortunately, no tornado was on the way, the state just wished to alert people in several cities and towns about coronavirus

Copy of the alert, warning people to wear a mask, stay distant and don't share utensils

At 5 p.m., the Commonwealth triggered one of those death-tone messages on phones in Chelsea, Everett, Framingham, Lawrence, Lynn, Nantucket, New Bedford, Revere, Winthrop and Worcester alerting them that their communities are seeing an escalation in Covid-19 cases and they need to double down on the mask wearing, social distancing and crowd avoiding. Bostonians didn't get the toned message, even though it, too, has an escalating number of Covid-19 cases and has now been on the state's "red" list for three straight weeks now.

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I live in East Boston and I got all of them. In a row. While driving down Storrow. I was alarmed!

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So glad they did this. Hadn’t previously heard a peep about this virus!

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Or at least I did. Glad it wasn't a Godzilla attack.

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As someone who spends a lot of time in these communities and then goes out to other non red zones I can say these messages are tone deaf at best.

I get it, some of my neighbors are not following protocol but ya know what, they are doing a million times better than the suburbs not mentioned here. In some of these towns people still get upset when you wear a mask. In Chelsea my friends and I have a bazillion masks and will casually talk about test scheduled over zoom.

The biggest factor between these communities is the inability to socially distance AT HOME and AT WORK and in between. If you live in a congested apartment and take the bus and work with the public and can't get food delivered so you gotta do that to then your risk sky rockets. Then your damn phone rings at 5pm while you are crammed in that bus going from work to second work...

We don't know everyone in our circles and what their status is but based off of what I know, people in these communities are no more likely to get Covid19 then people in many other communities if you account for socio economics. These ads seem like a convenient way of claiming to be making a difference instead of addressing tougher issues about race, economics and what is actually essential.

In the past week I've seen a wave of targeted ads using resources normally used during a tornado or blizzard warning telling us stuff we have known since spring. It concerns me because at some point they may have something important to impart and those of us in these zones are going to scoff when we see our phone buzz yet again.

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You seem to focused on attributing blame. The message is still good advice for anyone: get tested, wear a mask, avoid gatherings.

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Yet little is done by officials to break up the parties.

2 weekends ago it was nice at night, and there were at least 5 parties (with music) going on in my neighborhood. One being my neighbor who had about 25 people all unmasked in his backyard. I get it was someone's birthday party, but still.

I didn't call local PD to complain but it was obvious there were parties going on on my street.

Just pisses me off, I havent seen my family in a year but some people think its OK to hang out with your friends and family like nothing is going on. Tired of doing the right thing and watching others do the exact opposite.

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I feel the same way, I'm very careful. I feel bad I can't hug and play around with my nephews. It's having its toll on the 9 year old who I'm afraid will be too cool to hug by the time this is over... The youngest one is going to be out of his cuddle on the couch with a book you read to him phase by the end of this too. I feel like I'm missing some critical moments. So I do get upset when I see large gatherings that don't follow rules.

The thing is I see them everywhere. I take pictures all over and I've seen them in Winthrop and Nahant and Marblehead... Backyards and porches over flowing. Ive see. Houses full of people in other communities. I've even left a bbq I was told was going to be managed to Covid specifications but turned out it wasn't.

So yes Chelsea has its bbq issue and gatherings but most of the people I know here are more like you. More cautious than even I am! So I feel anxious when I leave red zones because if that. I'd rather be seen as the more adventurous one and adapt then the coward who gets belittled. I can deal with extra caution but not the other way around.

My issue is I don't think the notification will do what it needs to do and will get drown out in the future when it's something new.

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I got Everett, Winthrop and Chelsea at 8:44 PM.

The combination of the Emergency Broadcasting tone and the vibrations as each message was received... My first thought was missile launch! These are tumultuous times. When I actually got to the messages I thought someone had weaponized COVID-19.

Then when I went back in the house to watch 7NEWS at 9 all was explained.

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Appropriate user name.

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Somehow I only got the Everett one in Somerville.

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No need. It is self weaponizing when certain "leaders" decide to do nothing, then trot out some "doctor" with zero public health credentials to spew misinformation based on completely way off beliefs that misinterpret what herd immunity means.

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Who's the ignoramus who chose that noise, and are they from the government or the phone companies? Such a horrible noise should only be played if there's an air raid requiring heading to a bomb shelter immediately.

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I got a text about Chelsea

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Excellent, how about some actual enforcement of the rules?

If someone tests positive for Covid-19 don't just politely ask them to self quarantine for 14 days... you have to go and actually enforce the quarantine! Send an ambulance and take them to a hotel set aside for this purpose and don't let them leave for 14 days. They get 3 meals a day, free Wi-Fi, free cable TV, and pay their lost income and provide child-support for parents.

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